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Trade Report Guidelines

Eco 3025S, 2011

. General Guidelines  Structure  Presentation  .This presentation..

if applicable. A thorough knowledge of the needs and interests of your country. A reasonable knowledge of the needs and interests of countries with which you interacted..      An understanding of the principles of strategic interaction. .. and An explanation of how your strategy changed throughout the simulation in response to other player’s strategies and other developments. An ability to apply those to the context of the simulation.General: Show us.

 They need to be clear.  It is OKAY if these have evolved/developed since your strat reports.  .  Your goals needs to be SPECIFIC.  Where you have inferred them. make your chain of thought/reasoning clear.General: Goals You should all have SOME goals by now.

. What happened in Cape Town round stays here.  Double-crossing. .  Back-stabbing and  Deceit. Nasty deals. You can allude to things.  BUT you are a diplomatic representative of your country – so you CANNOT make it look bad..General: We DO want to know about. use euphemisms. But keep it formal and professional. whatever.

if you failed What the implications are.. and  What could have been done differently  .  Whether you achieved them.General: We ALSO WANT to know about. Your country’s trade interests.  HOW you achieved them..   Or how you tried to.

General: Don’t forget Statistics help  Game Theory makes sense  We can tell if you’re lying  Creativity counts  Persuasion counts  Logic counts  A ‘fact’ is a lie if you haven’t referenced it.  .

and you will get marks for the strategies you came up with.  You should ensure that your report is not inconsistent with other members of your delegation -. you should explain why they were not met. even if they failed.  You will have to justify why many things you’d planned did not come off.Where your objectives have not been met. or other countries that you worked with throughout the game  .

 We know the course took over your life.  Do not blame it on the administration. those who were organised did not have any problems.Generally. but your trade minister doesn’t care – that’s why he employs you. that will look like a bad workman blaming his tools.  .

 Make sure you have looked at the comments on your strat reports so you know where to improve for your trade reports!  .  You need to re-write everything into this one report (although if you did well in your strat report.Structure You CANNOT reference your strategy reports. feel free to cut and paste sections).

been involved in ALL of the SPs  This should show in your Report  Alliances.Structure: Single delegates You should have. DO NOT ensure that your interests are protected – only YOU could do that  . directly or indirectly. while useful.

but do not regurgitate their reports.  . Do not slate them either. and more broadly on the things other delegates did  You can refer to other delegates EG ‘USA 5B’ etc.Structure: Big delegations You need to refer to ALL SPs in some respect  Focus (more depth) on the things you were directly involved in.

Similarly. your report should be broader (cover more issues) as a member of a small delegation than as a member of a large delegation. .Structure: For everyone   Generally. ◦ For example. the number of issues you cover in your report will reflect the type of game you have played. your report should be relatively narrow if you have spent considerable amounts of time on a relatively small number of issues and vice versa.

However. it is HIGHLY unlikely that you are without interests in other SPs – even if all that you are interested in is getting aid.   In general. You should have found out what your major interests are. . it is NOT advisable to focus only on your sub-plenum and it is equally unwise to leave out your sub-plenum entirely. Remember: you were not placed in specific sub-plenums for a particular reason. and advanced them in the game. ALL of the SPs have potential.

Presentation 12pt  Indexed  Double-spaced  Meticulously referenced (My suggestion is the Chicago style)  Contain large documents in appendices only  .

See documents on Vula for examples of Indexes  Email us if you have a problem:  ◦ Claire: ◦ GOOD LUCK! ◦ Scott: Scott.