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Visual Journalism

PR 202 Media Analysis Irem Inceoglu

Visual journalism

Goal of visualjournalism
Selecting story telling photographs that can convey the fullest, most accurate sense of the situation photographed Engage the heart and mind of a viewer with a compelling version of truth that results from bearing witness or a situation or event.

Visual Journalism
Visually intense society raised on millions of pictures. Role of the photographer and writer are changing. Visual journalism, a term that expands the professions of photojournalism, reporting, writing, and graphic design Therefore, a visual journalist combines role of writer, photographer, researcher, and graphics designer. Requires a new mindset and vision The meaning business Marriage of words, images, and designs to convey information

Ethical Concerns
Victims of Violence Right to privacy Picture manipulations Stereotyping Mixing of advertising, public relations and journalism

Victims of Violence
If it bleeds it leads Human tragedies and are often the fields of harvest for prize winning journalists Are the images really needed for the story?

Right to Privacy
Is the reason to rob privacy a truthful, comprehensive and intelligent account? The person declares that he does not want his photo taken, do we have to see this?

Picture Manipulation
Picture an subject manipulation are as old as photography. Digital imaging make it easier to accomplish and harder to detect. At stake is the reputation of the news service.

Long list.. . Transgenders are prostitutes, Gypsies are thieves/beggars, Kurds are terrorists, Blond women are stupid, African immigrants are drug dealers etc. Results of images we have seen out of context.

Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism Blurring

Advertorials and info mercials Advertising, public relations and journalism have been fused into advertorial.

Telling a visual story

Narrative thread Difference in visual story telling vs. photo illustrated texts is the narrative thread or sequence that tells a story. Today to most readers, images are more powerful and capture more attention, than text. eriHaber&ArticleID=1125966&CategoryID=77&HaberPage =1 eriHaber&ArticleID=1114209&CategoryID=77&HaberPage =1

Active vs.. Passive photographs

Active Show real people engaged in real events in real time Example:Kevin Carter (Sudan, 1993) Passive Show people in in situations in which their essential purpose is to have their picture taken for the newspaper. Example: Rick Sammon

Context of the Photograph

Photographers and photo editors must strive to give an accurate image of an event or person rather than something taken out of context that makes a good image.

Tips for good captions

Point out subtleties not apparent to the viewer Point out ambiguities and prevent viewer misunderstanding Use quotes that add depth to the storytelling image Explain technical information Relate to the four non visual senses

Genealogy of a moral panic (Stephen Spencer, 2011)

Identification of a subversive minority Simplification of a cause Stigmatisation of those involved

Stirring of public indignation

Stamping down hard More authoritarian forms of control

subversive: huzur bozucu; stigmatisation: etiketleme; stirring: kmldatan; indignation: fke

Representation of transvestites
1) Identification of a subversive minority

2) Simplification of a cause
Transvestites = prostitution

3) Stigmatisation of those involved (Media Portrayals)

Media Portrayals

4) Stirring of public indignation

Travestiler stanbul gecelerinde dehet sat. stanbul gece hayatnda sk sk eylem yapan travestiler Harbiye'de polis karakolunun nnde rezillik kard.

5) Stamping down hard

zmir'in Alsancak'ta fuhu yapan travestiler protesto edildi. Alsancakllar, ''Alsancak'ta fuhu istemiyoruz'' diye slogan att.

6) More authoritarian forms of control