Population Growth
By: Ashley Stockton

Normal Map of the World


A Distorted Version Based on Population Distribution


Negative Effects on the Environment  Water Scarcity  Cropland Scarcity  Fish Scarcity  Forest Scarcity  Global Warming  Species Extinction .

jpeg .wordpress.Water Scarcity http://12nakaka.com/2010/08/arv_water_scarcity_8709f1.files.

weru.edu/new_weru/multimedia/dustbowl/big/theb1366.jpg .Cropland Scarcity http://www.ksu.

Fish Scarcity .

jpg .Forest Scarcity http://static.funnyjunk.com/pictures/deforestation.

publicpropertyuk.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/carbon-dioxide-emissions.Global Warming http://www.jpg .

net/fs25/f/2008/154/5/4/Alone_in_global_warming_by_Momotte2.Species Extinction http://fc06.jpg .deviantart.

Prevention  Education  Laws  Incentives  Economic Development .

Air Quality and Pollution By: Jonathan Bowen .

the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment .pol·lu·tion:   1.


The Major Types of Air Pollution: .

 Sulfur oxides Burning Fossil Fuels  Ozone .  Carbon monoxide.Gaseous Pollutants  Carbon dioxide.  Nitrogen oxides.  Hydrocarbons.

Greenhouse Effect .

Acid Rain .

Layer .

Particulate Matter .

Climatic Effects .

The Air Quality Index .

Water Quality and Pollution By Stephanie Walls .

Where do cities get their water? .



Organic Water Pollutants .

Inorganic water pollutants .

 Don’t pour old medicine down the drain.  Purchase water saving toilets (or water displacement) and sink faucets. not baths.How can you prevent pollution and save water?  Take showers. . don’t let the water run when you are not using it.  Fix leaks!!  Don’t pour toxic materials down the drain.

Solid Waste Pollution .

glass. yard trimmings . computer print outs • About 1% of solid waste is toxic  Average American produces 4. plastic. metals.6 lbs of trash per day • Other products: wood. glossy magazines.What’s in your garbage?  Most common: paper products  Junk mail. food scrapes. rubber.

no decompositions occurs.  Much contain hazardous chemicals.Landfills  Since 1960s billions of tons of trash have been buried in disposal sites. sometimes leaks to aquifers and groundwater .  Sometimes protective liners are used  Thin layers of dirt are spread over layers of waste  Relatively stable.


Biodegradable products  Ability of some materials to break down naturally. safely. and quickly disappear back into the environment. .

How long does it take to Biodegrade? Item Banana peel Paper Rope Orange peel Wool sock Cigarette butt Plastic-coated milk carton Aluminum can Plastic six-pack holder ring Glass bottle 1 million years 1-5 years 1-12 years 5 years 80-100 years Time required to Biodegrade 2-10 days 2-5 months .

Recycling  Puts unwanted objects back to good use  Reduces amount of solid waste in landfills .

. batteries.  Buy recycled or recyclable products.How can you reduce your solid waste?  Buy products with least amount of packaging. fluorescent lights away  Start a compost pile.  Use glass jars or plastic containers to store food  Recycle!!  Don’t throw electronics.

Chemical Pollution & Hazardous Waste By: Jenna Warriner .


Asbestos .


Lead .


Pesticides .


Mercury .


# 1 Source of Mercury is…. Coal-fired power plants .

Other Chemical Pollutants .

Prevention .

Radiation .

The Different Sources of Radiation .


when it was first developed as an alternative to oil and coal. inexpensive and safe! . and radon gas.Of most concern to health are gamma rays---powerful enough to penetrate objects and break molecular bonds---produced by radioactive sources such as nuclear weapons. nuclear energy plants. efficient. was promoted as clean. Nuclear power.


Take Steps to Avoid Radiation  Get X-rayed only when absolutely necessary!  Record date and location of X-rays  Follow Surgeon Gen.’s recommendation for radon testing  Be informed about nearby radioactive sites .

Conclusion  Questions?  Comments? .

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