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Uses and Sources

 Made up mainly of montmorillinite,
 Formed from the weathering of
volcanic ash beds
 Named for Fort Benton, WY, where it
was first described as part of a
Cretaceous tuff sequence
 Grades vary, but it is generally
impure, with inclusions of other
(IMA-NA 2007) minerals, as well as quartz,
feldspar, calcite, and gypsum
Properties &
 Thixotropy
– Can be semi-solid at rest, but
will be liquid when agitated
– Used as a thickening and suspension
agent in paints, dyes, and varnishes

(KSGS 2002)
Properties &
 Cohesion
– Binder and pelletizer
– Ironworks: ore pellets for
feeding into furnaces, and
as a binder in casting sand

(MiningLife 2005)
Properties &
 Absorption / Adsorption
– Can absorb several times it dry
weight in water
– Pet litter, impermeable clay liners,
wastewater treatment, detergent
purification, paper pulp purification,

(IMA-NA 2007)
Properties &
 Inertness
– Won’t kill you to eat it!
– Filler in pharmaceuticals, animal
feed, and cosmetics
– Purifier and clarifier in beer, wine,
and honey

(WSGS 2007)
Properties &
 Viscosity and Plasticity
– Drilling: vertical and horizontal
– Lubricates the bit, seals the walls of
the borehole, removes drill cuttings
– Additive in Portland cement,
mortars, and specialized

(WSGS 2007)
Bentonite as a Value-Added
 Bentonite is not often taken straight
from the ground to market.
 Much purification is often undergone
to specialize the product
– Sieving (for granular bentonite)
– Milling (fine and superfine powdered
– Removal of associated gangue minerals
– Treated with acids (“bleaching earths”)
– Treated with organics (“organoclays”)
(IMA-NA 2007)
Bentonite Producers &
 AMCOL International (miner, refiner,
large producer of bentonite products)
 Aqua Technologies (organoclay water
 Black Hills Bentonite LLC (miner and
1st-stage refiner)
 BPM Minerals LLC (producer)
 CETCO (special-purpose bentonite
 Montana Bentonite LLC (producer and
Production Methods
 Drilling & Sampling
 Soil Profiling (to aid
in speedy recovery
after reclamation)
 Topsoil &
removal (usual with
 Quarrying with
loader & truck
 Only economic to
mine bentonite with
no more than 50
(WMA-Minelife 2007)
feet of overburden
Simplified Bentonite Mill

(WMA Minelife, 2007)

World Reserves and
Production Statistics
 Reserves of all
clays used by man
are extremely
large, and are
thought to be
inexhaustible on
human timescales
 As a result, no
measurements of
world reserves have
been performed
 It is still a very
lucrative sector. US (Numbers are in thousands of metric tons)
production in 2005
2007) to 42
million tons worth
Worldwide Distribution

(Mindat 2007)
End Use Statistics
(USGS 2005)
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