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Contents           Introduction to Normative Theory Types of Normative Theories Introduction to Libertarian Brief History Self regulating Market Place of Ideas Laissez Faire Doctrine Idea theory strengths & weaknesses Assumption Libertarian Strengths & weaknesses Conclusion .

At first the word “Normative Theory” was pronounced in USA during the height of ‘cold war’ with communism and soviet. Often it called as western theories of mass media . Theodore Peterson and Wilbur Schramm in their book called “Four Theories of the Press”.Introduction to Normative Theories  Normative theories were first proposed by Fred Siebert.

. instead.Introduction to Normative Theories Cont…. they describe the way things shall be if some ideal values or principles are to be realized.  This is a type of theory that describes an ideal way for media systems to be structured and operated. Normative theories do not describe things as they are nor do they provide scientific explanations.

Types of Normative Theories The Authoritarian  Libertarian  Social Responsibility  Soviet Communist  Democratic-Participant Media Theory  Development Media Theory  .


Locke.Introduction to Libertarian Theory Began during the Enlightenment (Milton. entertains and sells  Press helps discover the truth – the free marketplace of ideas Anyone can publish  Can’t defame or be obscene  Checks government  . Mills): Rationalism and Natural Rights Time of the Founding Fathers  Press informs.

Brief History Early libertarian arguments  MILTON'S SELF-RIGHTING PRINCIPLE  American Revolution against Britain  Bill of Rights  18th Century  19th Century  .

 Fundamental Principle of Capitalism  Classical capitalist Theory  Other term that is used “Laissez Faire Doctrine ’’  . and from that "marketplace' the public will choose the best.Self regulating Market place of ideas Ideas should be put before the public.

 In the media system the marketplace of ideas meant that if someone comes up with a good idea and then transmits it through some form of mass communication  .Laissez Faire Doctrine The idea that government shall allow business to operate freely and without official intrusion.  The ideas compete and the best will be bought.

Market Place of Ideas Theory Strengths and weaknesses .

Assumptions of Libertarian       Individual should be free Sees press as free market place of ideas Does not advocate media immunity Criticism on government No restrictions while importing and exporting messages Advocates that press should be seen as partner .


Intact example of libertarian .

Names of countries that are practicing libertarian .

Strengths and weaknesses of libertarian .

Conclusion .

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