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Gaurav Aggarwal

For internal use only 1 Nokia Siemens Networks

Management Overview

Integrated web based element manager HTTP based Full set of EMS functionality - configuration, performance monitoring, remote diagnostics, alarm reports, etc. SNMP interface to Ceragons PolyView NMS Extensive CLI interface via local terminal or Telnet



CeraMap NMS Platform

IP-10 Web

IP-10 Web





For internal use only Nokia Siemens Networks

PolyView NMS - Redundancy Support

For internal use only 3 Nokia Siemens Networks

CeraMap Functions

PolyViews NMS platform and GUI for network management Topology view graphical display of all elements in the network, including element type, hierarchies and connections between elements Topmost alarm graphical display of alarm severity in element for real-time monitoring Trap collection collection of SNMP traps (alarms) in a log for effective network monitoring Launch EMS easy launching of CeraView and PolyView applications

For internal use only 4 Nokia Siemens Networks

PolyView Main Features

Group of network applications and database (MySQL) designed to enhance the network management capabilities Inventory reports Performance monitoring reports Configuration broadcast for common settings for the network

Configuration upload/download for configuration backup

Software download Security for password-protected access End-to-end trails management (for Ceragon ADMs)

For internal use only 5 Nokia Siemens Networks

Network Configuration Steps

Verify services are running and launch CeraMap Verify IP connectivity to elements (ping) Add element to the CeraMap map. Verify element recognized Verify polling using query (Poll Node) Generate a report to verify element info in database Launch Web-Management/CeraView by double-clicking the element Configure element to send traps and verify traps received in the alarm log (by simulating a fault in the element)

For internal use only 6 Nokia Siemens Networks

Launching CeraMap

Verifying PolyView services are running: Open terminal/command window and type pvstatus Verify all services are running. To stop services type pvstop. To start services type pvstart Launching CeraMap: Open terminal/command window and type CeraMap Enter user name and password (default: admin, ceragon). CeraMap will be launched

For internal use only 7 Nokia Siemens Networks

Adding Elements to the Map

Adding network element to the map: Edit Add Network Element

Enter the NE IP address

Element will be added with its type and alarm status

Connecting elements on the map: Select two NEs Edit Add Link Select the link type (Line, Radio, Protected)

For internal use only 8 Nokia Siemens Networks

Polling Elements
Polling elements for forcing database updates: Current alarms

Inventory data
Performance data Configuration file

Polling elements on the map: Select element(s) Tools Poll Node Wait for data polling to succeed

For internal use only 9 Nokia Siemens Networks

Inventory Reports
Available reports: Network element, Radio, Link, Interface, versions, In-band, ADM and ADM connection report

Reports can be save and exported to other applications (Excel )

Select element(s)
Reports Inventory Reports Select report type

For internal use only 10 Nokia Siemens Networks

Performance Monitoring Reports

Performance data stored in database in 15 minutes intervals Available reports: Radio (ES, SES, UAS, BBE, OFS, Min RSL, Max RSL, RSL thresholds) and Line (ES, SES, UAS) Reports can be save and exported to other applications (Excel )

Select an element Reports Performance Reports Select report type and define date range

For internal use only 11 Nokia Siemens Networks

Configuration Broadcast
Configuration broadcast of general settings to part/all elements on the map

Traps Traps configuration General - Time and date Network NTP and Default router Thresholds Alarm thresholds

Configuration status report indicates if commands were received successfully

For internal use only 12 Nokia Siemens Networks

Traps Configuration Broadcast

Trap configuration required in order to receive and display alarms in the CeraMap and for real-time topmost alarm display

Select an element Manager IP address and port Alarm severity select all for no filtering Alarm groups select all for no filtering Trap options select last 3 options (Use different trap ID, Clear traps with zero

severity, Send traps with extended alarm

information) Heartbeat for keep alive notifications

For internal use only 13 Nokia Siemens Networks

Software Download Configuration

PolyViews TFTP server should be configured prior to software download process

Setting PolyView Server Options Select the File Transfer tab TFTP server address NMS IP address TFTP files location path for the download files TFTP timeout 90 seconds TFTP retries 4

For internal use only 14 Nokia Siemens Networks

Current alarms currently active alarms Alarm log all alarms received (active and cleared)

Alarm displayed with their source, raise time, clear time, severity and

For internal use only 15 Nokia Siemens Networks