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What is Sales Management Originally referred to only as management and direction of sales force, this has now a broad meaning covering a mix of many of the marketing activities, such as; • Personal selling • Advertising and Sales Promotion

• Physical distribution
• Marketing research • Pricing

• Merchandising
• Sales force management and the most important • Customer retention

Sales volume Contribution to profits Continuing growth Increase in sales volume Higher profits Overall growth .SALES MANAGEMENT Introduction OBJECTIVES The three major objectives of sales management are.

1. Implementation of a Strategic Sales Management Programme – 3. The process covers three inter-related steps. Staffing & Training. Leading and Controlling to work within the resources available”.SALES MANAGEMENT Introduction Process of Sales Management The process of sales management involves three set of decisions and processes. Evaluation and Control of Sales Force Performance . Formulation of Strategic Sales Management Programme – 2. The process is basically “Process of attaining sales force goals in effective and efficient way by Planning.

both at Macro as well as Micro level. Relationship selling – buyers change suppliers more often if the product and/or services are unsatisfactory.SALES MANAGEMENT Introduction Emerging Trends in Sales Management The changes occuring in the environment. Customer Orientation – the product and process of selling are all designed to give high value to customers for the products and services for higher satisfaction and retention of customers 2. This therefore requires all round commitments from the suppliers. The following could be the emerging trends in Sales Management. changes in the area of personal selling are also happening. These effect the area of sales management accordingly. 1. since this commitment can hold the customer for a long lasting relationship Contd… .

key accounts management etc are the nontraditional methods being adopted.SALES MANAGEMENT Introduction 3. finance. In many industrial sector companies. Technology – newer technology has made it possible to automate the sales force. Technology has made the organisations aware about the customers need patterns so that the suppliers can serve them better Maruti’s vendors and dealers are linked through the system to the production and other departments which help them in better planning and inventory controld… . New selling methods – the traditional methods of salesman going to the customer is fast changing in many industries. With the new developments in IT and Communication sectors. telemarketing. operations. production/R&D work for the customer. so as to understand an overall view of the customers’ problems 3. cross functional sales teams comprising of people from marketing. web based eselling.

background. Diversity – the organisations are looking for diversity in experiences. the agreements like GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Tariff ). Global & Ethical issues – influence the sales practices. being member of WTO (World Trade Organisation) . Today since people travel to different countries.SALES MANAGEMENT Introduction 4. They should provide a good training and counselling programmes to their sales team 5. culture and other frames of references for their sales team.various guidelines regarding the legislations and ethical practices in different countries should be explained to people so that they can face different situations and challenges in different countries Maintaining a certain level of ethical norms is a part of responsible organisations .

Selling to an individual or an organisation was easy to do but the overall organisations’ goals can only be met when the product reach large number of markets and masses (at least to the desired customers) The need to therefore develop a network of individuals / organisations who could work with the goals of the sellers organisations was very necessary Having just good sales team without a proper setup of the network of re-sellers does not serve the purpose and will help in achieving the goals .SALES MANAGEMENT Introduction Linking Sales Management to Distribution Management While the organisations realised the importance of selling and found various techniques of selling. they also realised with the time the importance of distribution.