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Cadbury Dairy Milk

It is hard to indigenise and at the product level will remain a chocolate . • Chocolate is one such food that refuses to fit into the indigenous mould.CDM • The most difficult consumer habit to change is food. The Indian palette is culture sensitive and is indifferent to non indigenous foods.

CDM • Cadbury India (sales turnover 730 crores year ended Dec 2003) took up the challenge at breaking consumer indifference through its Real taste of life (RTOL) campaign in 1994. .

000 tonnes market • CDM accounts for over 40to 45% growth for Cadbury India. .CDM • The challenge was to find consumer connect that drives market growth • The CDM brand and its variant command 30% of the market share of the 30.

• The campaign did wonders to get adults to accept chocolate. it was restricted to metros and larger towns . • The RTOL was about getting adults to shed their inhibitions about consuming chocolate. CDM has been investing heavily in advertising and branding ideas each aimed at increasing the incidence of chocolate consumption in India.CDM • Over the last decade.

. • The campaign legitimised mass consumption by providing a socio cultural context and said that it was ok to eat chocolates by showing collective consumption.CDM • The ‘khane ka bahana’ campaign (1999) was a push into mofussil India.

• The idea was to leverage the mood uplifting attributes of chocolate and cement CDM’s true bond with the consumer .CDM • In 2002 CDM launched the ‘saath rae har pal’ campaign due to increased competition from other brands and categories.

Fruit & nut and Roast Almond since there were registering miniscule growth.CDM • In 2003 CDM launched the ‘khaamakhaa’ campaign • The idea was an attempt at owning small moments of happiness at making CDM integral to those moments and also serve a larger purpose of launching of standalone brands – Crackle. .

CDM • The idea was to put all the variants under CDM and draw synergies in terms of marketing benefits as well as gain visibility for CDM’s purple at the retail counters. It addressed the brand’s need to stay in touch with younger audiences . • The World of chocolate commercial was targeted for kids which had CDM speaking to kids after a span of 10 years.

. it got brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan to testify and claim the result of the new packaging.CDM • The worm infesting incident resulted in Cadburys pulling of all advertising. • After reengineering its packaging.

The next wave of category penetration was based on equating chocolate with generic ‘meetha’ and the new branding thought ‘kuch meetha ho jaaye’ emerged.CDM • The category growth has been slow. .

. • The idea is to bring chocolate into an existing socio cultural framework and thus enter into the consumer’s consideration set.CDM • In the Indian context it symbolises joy. The idea was to seed the fact that chocolate is another meetha. celebration and wellbeing which are intrinsic to CDM’s DNA. • It connotes the traditional homemade sweet.

• There are many sweet consumption inducing moments in the Indian consumer’s life but the share of chocolates and CDM are minimal .CDM • Today there is an acceptance that chocolate can be eaten by anyone. However the challenge remains – how to increase the frequency of consumption.