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Learning Decision Templates

Medical Education Center Chair and Vice dean Your own sub headline This is an example text Dr. Wan Nedra Komaruddin Sp. A

System 2 Clinical Skills / Doctor-Patient Relationship Reproduction – Development Endocrine Metabolism Neurology System – Behavior Senses System Community Medicine 3 4 Neoplasm Clinical Skills / Doctor-Patient Relationship Medicol egal Elective Family Medicine Emergency Clinical Clerkship Clinical Skills / Doctor-Patient Relationship Minor – Major Specialties 5 6 12/09/2013 Clinical Clerkship Minor – Major Specialties Internship CBC in YARSI 2 .Year Ethic. Electrolyte. Professi onalism 1st Semester 2nd Semester 1 Learning Method Biomedic 1 CBC (2007) Biomedic 2 Cardiovascular System Liquid. Moral. Acid-base Regulation Tropical Infection Disease Immunology Clinical Skills / Doctor-Patient Relationship Musculo-sceletal System Blood and Lymphatic System Respiratory System Gastrointestinal System Urinary Tract.

If the length of clinical clerkship more 3 years.Dismissal Commission (DO) Students will be dismissed if they can not achieve the minimal passing level and related rules 1. At the end of year one: those who have cumulative GPA less 1. 3.75 (out of 30 best semester credit unit/SKS). 2. 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 3 . If the length of bachelor of medicine program more 7 years or 14 semesters.

(PEMBIMBING AKADEMIK) 2. 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 4 . 3. The students have a academic counselor lecturer that assist in learning process. to take a plan the next study together with special academic advisory lecturer that be assigned by the dean. The students/parents will be sent a report of academic performance that less satisfaction at least 3 times/year.Steps of learning decision procedures 1. The students that threatened drop out of study will invite to discuss with parents.

Steps of learning decision procedures2 4. 5. so the dean will meet together the academic decision commission and then the decision is sent to the senate of faculty. The senate of faculty will meet to approve this decision. 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 5 . If the students can’t improve the study outcome in minimal requirement .

If is found a mistake in learning process either in bachelor of medicine/graduate degree or professional degree that caused by mistakes from faculty. 7. Drop out be realized based on yudicium meeting decision that approve by the senate of faculty. therefore the duration of failure doesn’t be accounted as study time.Steps of learning decision procedures3 6. 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 6 .

The presence of the false parents in consultation time 2. 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 7 . The parents and the students do not understand about treaty when they first registered at faculty of medicine about academic achievement.The Problems 1. 3. The parents always belief that the faculty of medicine is the best choice for their children.

Falsification of signature 4. practice report. 3.Code of Conduct The kinds of delict: 1. 2. Falsification of academic report. Making a noise/trouble 5. Academic lying/un-honesty in task working. examination. 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 8 . plagiarism and theft in examination. Having. consuming or selling alcohol beverage and cigarette in campus area.

Code of Conduct2 6. distributing. Having. consuming or selling alcohol beverage and cigarette in campus area. Having. Theft 10. 7. Abusing 9. 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 9 . bringing and used a knife or and a gun. using.Having. or selling narcotics and or other addictive substance in campus and other areas 8.

Went out clerkship without permits 5. Not following clerkship in the department of teaching hospital have been fixed 2. Coming to teaching hospital without admission letter 3. Following the clerkship without recommendation of pass in OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) 4.Offender of Clerkship Rules 1. Not complete clerkship task 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 10 .

Offender report (Pemalsuan) Being made by students.Offender of Code of Conduct 1. Investigation. 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 11 . ethical commission should communicate with related person. lecturer. The dean. deputy of dean 1. clerkship coordinator. administration staff of faculty of medicine. 2. teaching hospital to the dean.

4. 2. Verbal warning Writing warning Schorsing Went out : absolutely (criminal action) Relatively ( evident offender) 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 12 . 3.Sanction Decision 1.

 Internships : >2 years. plus 1 year 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 13 .75.Conclusions  Drop Out :  IPK < 1.

Thank you 9/12/2013 Learning Decision 14 .