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Consumer Perception towards STAR BAZAAR

By Mr. PROLAY DEY Reg. No: 11XWCMA078

Convenience sampling is used for the purpose of this study. The sample size of the 120 customers are responded according to the questionnaire formed.

Data Collection Tools

The instrument used for the study was a pre tested structured questionnaire. The questionnaire was pre tested among a few respondents who were selected randomly from the population. After that a modified set of questionnaire was prepared. The questionnaire consisted of 19 questions and it was framed in English.

Review of literature
A. Awng Di (2008) This study compares consumers perceptions between retail stores: superstores and familyrun stores in Bangkok. The superstores which were used to compare with family-run stores in this study are Big C, Carrefour and Tesco-Lotus. The study was quantitative research using survey questionnaires to collect data from 400 shoppers in Bangkok areas. Quantitative statistics were used to analyze data variables and test hypotheses. The results from this study found that the competition between superstores and family-run stores resulted in more benefits to customers. The customers were aware that many familyrun stores closed down because of superstores, but they preferred free and fair competition.

Limitations of the study

The research is based on written questionnaires obtained from a sample of consumers in Bangalore. This limitation would obviously imply that the study can only provide some pointers to the research questions at hand relevant to consumers in Bangalore. The number of retailing segment is less and therefore may prove to be a limitation to the study.

Summary of Findings
Most of the respondents visit Star Bazaar at least once a month, with Middle aged men being the main visitors. Weekends are preferred over weekdays, with middle aged men being most comfortable with this time. Most of the respondents prefer to shop in the evening, with young males preferring this time over the others.

Advertisement plays a very important role in any retail products. STAR Bazaar should improve the advertisement strategies along with word of mouth. Employees at STAR Bazaar need to be provided personality development programme to make them effective in interaction with consumers. Most of the customers come to shop in holidays or weekends. So special care, and planning should be taken to fulfill their needs.

The customers are highly satisfied with the variety and of products, but at the same time they are not very happy with the quality and availability of branded products. Star Bazaar has definitely succeeded in keeping up its image of a value for money store, as its price has been rated positively. The promotions are not hitting the target. Although Star Bazaar has been Promoting their offers, most of the customers are introduced to these only at the store. Customers are delighted with the location of Star Bazaar as it is located in the most intensely populated area of Bangalore.