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A Study on Consumer Buying Behavior towards Shopping malls.

The Indian retail market is growing at a very fast pace of about 20% and has a market size of US$ 500 billion. The retail sector is the second largest employer after agriculture The retail industry alone managed to generate more than 35 million job opportunities.

To identify positive and negative experiences regarding shopping malls. To find out what all difficulties consumers are facing at the time of buying and after buying in shopping malls. To understand how changes are evolving in the minds of the customers regarding shopping malls.

This study provides a full idea about shopping malls pattern and how customers are getting product from there. How Mall owners could draw more people to their malls if they act upon customer feedback and the researchers suggestions, which might not cost much.

Consumers are not interested to give their opinion about shopping malls. There are many people dont know different between shopping mall and general store. With respect to actual population the sample size is too small. This might be effect the final result

The perception of the consumer in the shopping mall, products prices are high, middle level class people cant purchase anything.

HYPOTHESIS: The consumer buying behavior is increasing with the increase in the number of shopping malls. Null hypothesis: The consumer buying behavior is not increasing with the increase in the number of shopping malls. Because consumers buy what they need and number of shopping malls does not affect it.

Q-1 Do you like purchasing or buying at the shopping malls

Purchasing or Buying at the Shopping Malls

16% Yes No 84%

Visiting at Shopping Malls



2 time 4 time 6 time 10 time

22% 20%



shopping maalls outside


Differences Between Shopping Malls & General Store

Yes No


Confused At The Time Of Product Searching

26% Yes No


Satisfy Respondents 29

Highly satisfy 12

Unsatisfied 9

Highly unsatisfied 0

RangeAnd Product Price

Satisfy Highly satisfy



Unsatisfied Highly unsatisfied

Purchasing Product At The Offer Time Only

Yes No


Shopping Malls Facilities

18% Yes No 82%

Problem At The Payment Counter

48% 52%

Yes No

Parking Facilities

48% 52%

Yes No

1 Respondents 0

2 0

3 4

4 7

5 8

6 6

7 7

8 13

9 5

10 0

Rate The Parking Facilities

4 7 13 8 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 6

1 Respondents 0

2 0

3 3

4 5

5 10

6 5

7 7

8 14

9 6

10 0

Employee Behavior
6 3 3 4 5 14


6 7 8

Product Arrangements

Yes No


1 Respondents 0

2 0

3 0

4 0

5 7

6 9

7 14

8 12

9 5

10 3

Rate The Product Quality

3 5 7 5 6 9 12 7 8 9 10 14

Shopping Malls Location

Yes No


Daily Use Product From Shopping Malls


Yes No

Findings: We also observe that shopping malls are catching more number of customer rather than general stores. It can also be observed that most of people are happy with shopping malls facilities and customers are also happy with employee behavior at shopping malls. It has been observed here most of the people like to buy at shopping malls and their percentage of visiting to shopping malls is also high means people are ready to accept shopping malls pattern

Conclusion: The consumer buying is not increasing with the increase in the number of shopping malls. Because consumers buy what they need and number of shopping malls does not affect it. Presently there is a trend of considerable increase of shopping malls in all the metro cities, small towns.

Customers convenience for shopping Items from food to clothing, grocery to electronics is available under one roof. Better environment and improved customer service. Competitive price with seasonal discount various gift scheme. Various options to the customer for choosing brand and variety. Ample scope of promoting sales and enhance brand image. Availability of parking space for their car.