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BY: Nitish Tyagi BSAITM 10/EL062

Indias largest power company, NTPC was set up in 1975 to accelerate power development in India.
NTPC has been operating its plants at high efficiency levels. Although the company has 17.75% of the total national capacity, it contributes 27.40% of total power generation due to its focus on high efficiency. The total installed capacity of the company is 39,174 MW with 16 coal based and 7 gas based stations.


Salient Features 1. 2. 3. 4. Project Location /Address Plant Capacity Plant Configuration Faridabad Gas Power Project Village Mujedi, P.O.Neemka, Faridabad Haryana. 430 MW Gas Turbine 1 - 138 MW Gas Turbine 2 - 138 MW 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Fuel Alternate Fuel Average Gas Requirement Fuel Source Cooling Water Source Naphtha Storage Power Evacuation Steam Turbine - 156 MW Natural Gas Naptha 2 million cubic meters per day HBJ pipe line ( through GAIL) Rampur Distributory of Gurgaon Canal 2 tanks of 8000 Kl each 2x220V Double Circuit Lines to 220 KV BBMB sub-station at Samaipur (Ballabgarh) 2x220 KV Double Circuit Lines to 220 KV HVPN sub-station at Palla (Faridabad) 25.07.1997 Rs.1163.60 Cr

12. 13.

Govt. Approved Date Project Cost


International Assistance



Output 432 MW To HVPN

138 MW 156 MW

138 MW

220 KV TR

220 KV TR HRSG 1

220 KV TR




-Primary Fuel (Natural Gas) -Secondary Fuel (Naphtha

Water From Gurgaon Canal


GTG: Gas Turbine Generator STG:Steam Turbine Generator HRSG:Heat Recovery Steam Genetraor TR:Transformer HVPN:Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam

Maintaining the pressures, temperatures, level and the flow in the various tanks, pipes and also in the various heat exchangers present in the plant. Alarm generation in case of failure of any equipment.

There are numerous equipments in the plant and all their readings are maintained by C & I department. For this purpose softwares like PI(Plant Info) system,SAP etc. are used.
Various electronic instruments such as electronic sensors, actuators and controllers are used to take the readings of the equipments. Measurement and display of various parameters is done by converting the signals from equipments to digital form. All purchasing,installing and maintenance of equipments comes under C & I Dept. The main work of C & I department is to observe ,control and manipulate electrical as well as non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, vibrations etc.

Pre-Treatment Settling and coagulation Filtration

De-Mineralisation System WAC exchanger SAC exchanger Degasser System WBA exchanger SBA exchanger

Mixed Bed

Switchyard (Collection,Transmission, Distribution)

Bus bar

(conduct within the the distribution board)


(disconnection switch used to transfer load from one bus to another)

Circuit Breaker (automatically operated switch used to avoid overload or short circuit) Current Transformer (step up the low level of voltage)

Maintenance And Planning

Analyse equipments Raises notification for any disturbance. Issue orders to the concerned department.

Computer networking through LANs. Networking with coorporates through BSNL lease lines and VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal) links. Telephone exchange of SEIMENS. E-apps like SMS alerts. Labour Gate Pass System Material Gate Pass System Document Tracking System