Concept of Project Arrow
Present scenario

Potential of India Post

70% of people live in rural areas

Dept has over 1.55 lakh POs across the country with more than 1.25 lakh in rural area
This network provides a huge opportunity to connect remote areas

Most villages & small town do not have connectivity to mainstream economy


Concept of Project Arrow…
Make Post office the “window to the world” for „aam aadmi‟  This is conceived in April 2008

Focus on improving the core operations of Post offices  Enhancement of “look and feel” to create a unique identity


Get the core right  Modernize the look and feel


Scope…  Focused efforts to significantly improve four core areas of the postal service Mail delivery  Savings Bank  Remittances  Office service levels  5 .

enhance capacity and quality in Branding  Technology  Human resource  Infrastructure  6 .  Broad approach to upgrade.Scope….

Objectives Make a visible. and noteworthy difference in post offices that matters to the common man  Verify and certify progress on ongoing basis using clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each improvement area  Set the foundation for a comprehensive transformation of India Post  7 . tangible.

Savings bank  Counter transactions Account transfer Closure Settlement of claim cases 8 . Mail delivery  Ensure same day delivery and same day dispatch Reduce transaction time     2.Covers 8 silos 1.

Office service level  Improve customer satisfaction in all parameters from appearance to operation 4.Covers 8 silos… 3. Remittance Payment of MOs on the day of receipt  Provide web enabled remittance service  9 .

Infrastructure  Standardize and consistent interior and exterior blueprint and ensure uniform implementation 10 .Covers 8 silos… 5. Human resources Identifying roles and job descriptions for all  Designing suitable training to enhance operational and soft skills of staff  6.

Branding  Ensure uniform brand hierarchy as well as consistency for all products and services 11 .Covers 8 silos… 7. Technology  To enable POs to provide all IT enabled services decide required Hardware  Software  Connectivity  8.

A unique approach  Key elements  Holistic & integrated view  Equal focus on both core areas and look & feel Standardized targets & improvement measures Central programme office & IT-enabled tools for reliable measurement Training. workshops and professional consultancy  Standardized approach   Effective measurement   Capability building  12 .

13 .

14 .

alternate transport  Mentoring of Mails arrival and taking corrective steps  Assessment of required man power  Ensuring postman multi-skilling  Implementation of beat sorting at Mail Offices  15 .Mails.activities for improvement Revision of mail arrangements.

Mails.activities for improvement Examining and arranging bulk mail delivery from Mail Offices  Streamlining pre-delivery processes  Ensuring availability of Equipment and accessories  Carrying out beat revision  Developing beat backup  16 .

activities for improvement Strengthening monitoring of postmen performance  Strengthening monitoring of Letter Box clearance and dispatch of mail  Popularizing PIN codes  17 .Mails.

18 .

activities for improvement       Revision of cash balances and withdrawal limits Digitizing all manual records Re-engineering Savings Bank operating processes Streamlining account transfer procedure Popularizing nomination facility Expeditious settlement of death claim cases 19 .SB.

20 .

Remittance.activities for improvement      Revision of cash balances and revision of line limits Effective supervision and monitoring of postmen performance Providing system back-up and monitoring of Network Installation of required software for eMO facility High level monitoring of eMO and iMO services and popularizing eMO by advertisements 21 .

22 .

Office Service Level.activities for improvement    Taking action for thorough cleaning of Post Office Codifying the duties and responsibilities of the Postmaster and tracking compliance for effective supervision and administration Formulating and implementing local citizen‟s charter 23 .

implementation of customer satisfaction survey process 24 .Office Service Level.activities for improvement      Ensuring adequate infrastructure & support systems Ensuring better queue management Standardizing the duties & responsibilities of PO staff Organizing professional/Soft skills/ troubleshooting training To sustain and improve overall level of service quality.

25 .

Branding  The following PO objects need to be rebranded as per new India Post Corporate Manual    New India Post logo Internal branding External branding 26 .

 Internal branding  Display   Counter signage Information boards Stationery Uniforms Postman bags  Materials    27 .Branding….

standee etc) Letter boxes Vans 28 .Branding….  External branding    PO signage (name board.

External sign board (PO name board)  Technical description   Size: 1:3 (Height x Width) Colour combination   Red Yellow  Name of office in two/three languages will be on the strip provided for the purpose 29 .

Hindi First and English next For three.External sign board (PO name board)…  Technical description……  Order for languages   For two. Hindi and English  Postal Index Number will be added on the signboard of delivery PO 30 . Regional.

Sign board. Example 31 .

Information board  There are four types of information boards     Citizen‟s charter Hours of business Public notice board Advertisement 32 .

Information board…  Technical description    Size: 4 x 3 „ (Height x Width) should contain Corporate Symbol and text The wings of the corporate symbol is painted in „post office yellow‟ over a „post office red‟ stripe on the top with relevant text on the right side Another stripe containing three shades of red will run across the bottom portion 33 .

Post office Red India Post logo should be visible around the left pocket 34 .Uniform materials  Jacket for counter (front office) staff    Front office staff is expected to wear a post office red jacket on top of their dress Colour.

Example 35 .Jacket.

Uniform materials…  Postman delivery bag   Colour: Post office red India post logo should be stencilled on the front of the bag in corporate colours 36 .

Postman delivery bag . Example 37 .

Standee  Two variants of standee (services boards)   HPO Taller Other PO Shorter Taller Shorter 16ft by 4 ft (H x W) 8 ft by 2 ft (H x W)  Size:   38 .

Standee…  Other technical description    Material: Aluminium Composite Panel Colour: Post office Red and Yellow Important services available in PO should be highlighted in the order of priority 39 .

Standee Example Shorter Longer 40 .

Letter boxes  Four variants of letter boxes   Three standing One hanging Exceptions Green and Blue meant for local and metro city letters  All should have Post office red colour  41 .

Name of PO/Mail Office should be at back of standing letter box and at back/bottom of hanging letter box ID number of letterbox appear on both sides of box 42 .Letter boxes…   Hour plate to show time of clearance should be in the front. No other text appear.

43 .