Performance Evaluation Rating System

it is also the judgement of an employee’s performance in a job based on consideration other than productivity alone. . .is an analysis of an employee’s recent successes and failures. . and suitability for promotion or further is the process of obtaining .Performance Appraisal .is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated typically by the corresponding manager or supervisor. personal strengths and weaknesses. analyzing and recording information about the relative worth of an employee to the organization. .

It also serves as an important tool for communicating expectations and providing feedback on performance.Goals and objectives The primary function of the performance evaluation system is to provide a fair. objective basis for the personnel decisions. The objectives include: .

C. Provide a fair and objective basis for making personnel decisions. B. . including salary determination.A. transfer and separation. Increase an employees understanding of his/her job and provide information to plan for personal improvement and professional growth. promotion. Enhance individual productivity and improve performance.

Increase mutual understanding of job and expected results.Basic Characteristics Basic characteristics evaluation system include: of the performance A. C. Actively involve the employee in the process. . Establish performance evaluation as an important aspect of meeting organizational and regional goals. B.

evaluation should focus on performance that is documented by objective. Integrate position description. colleague/peer input. and employee input with the performance evaluation.D. E. Unique situations/conditions that the tend to effect the employee’s role should be considered. verifiable data/information. F. . To the extent possible .

Give employees feedback on performance. 4. promotions. 2. the aims of a performance appraisal are to: 1. Document criteria used to all allocate organizational rewards.Generally. Identify employee training needs 3. Aims . bonuses. etc. disciplinary actions. Form a basis for personnel decisions: salary increases.

6. Provide the opportunity for organizational diagnosis and development. To improve performance through counseling. 8. coaching and development . 7. Validate selection techniques and human resource policies to meet federal Equal Employment Opportunity requirements. Facilitate communication between employee and employer.5.

Career Development 2. Performance history 5.Purpose of Performance Appraisal 1. Administrative uses of performance appraisal 4. Documentation use of performance appraisal . Job standards 7. Organizational goals 6. Feedback 3.