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Formatting & Reinstallation

Creating A Global Mindset

Ancient Customer Service Secrets Repackaged In A Social-Media Driven World
Albert & Comfort Ocran

The battle for global presence, relevance and dominance is won or lost in the mind

"The human mind is a channel through which things-to-be come into the realm of thingsthat-are". Henry Ford

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right. Henry Ford

Your mind is the operating system of your life

"Learning is more than simply acquiring new knowledge; it is also crucial to unlearn old knowledge that has outlived its relevance. Forgetting is probably as important as learning." Gary Ryan Blair

Erasing the contents of a hard drive and setting up a new file system to enable a device to read from it and write data to it.

What Must We Erase?


10 Barriers To Going Global

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Pessimism & Faithlessness Scarcity mentality Percher Mentality La-Borrow Mentality Local Champion Syndrome

10 Barriers To Going Global

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Nostalgia Religious Strongholds Locational Paralysis Fear & Laziness Ignorance

Elements of A Global File System

Setting Up

Global File System


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Global Global Global Global Global

Identity Plan (Roadmap) Mentality Best Practices Pace

Writing New Data

(Follow & Interpret Global Events)

1. Global Awareness

(To know a man's library is to know a man's mind. Geraldine Brooks)

2. Set Up A Library

3. Global Connections
(Create a relationship network with global capacity)

(Protect yourself from viruses & hackers)

4. Install An AntiVirus & Password

5. Regularly Upgrade
(Avail yourself of Newer Versions)