Following the (other) money

Bill Allison, The Sunlight Foundation

A Washington tale
• Story by Ryan Singel • Wired’s Threat Level blog • Wondered why Telcos got immunity

• Followed the money

Notice the spike…

“Top Verizon executives, including CEO Ivan Seidenberg and President Dennis Strigl, wrote personal checks to Rockefeller totaling $23,500 in March, 2007. Prior to that apparently coordinated flurry of 29 donations, only one of those executives had ever donated to Rockefeller (at least while working for Verizon).”

Don’t ignore traditional money

Jim Moran’s earmarks top 100 contractors

(Aside: download contracting, lobbying and other data here)

Note the changed pattern

Repeated across Defense Approps…

More big contractors, more money

Have you ever heard of a programmatic request?

Key language

These are programs

Let’s look at at the E-2D AHE

In case that’s not clear…

Also shows who they’re buying from…

From Northrop Grumman’s 2013 Q1 Lobbying report

So what does a programmatic request look like?

Here’s what one actually looks like…

Requested in 2012 by Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Conn.

Who builds Virginia Class Subs?

So I wrote up what I’d found

Two last things…


Invites to fundraisers galore…


Follow specific terms…

Set up email or SMS alerts…

Can also get FEC filings via

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