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Kelly Bushing

Introduction How does Kelly Bushing work? Fixing (Engagement) of the kelly drive bushing Types of Kelly bushing Kelly bushing design Maintenance

Kelly drive bushing is advise that is fitted to the rotary table and which the Kelly passes
The Kelly bushing has inside diameter profile that matches that of the Kelly , usually square or hexagonal Depth measurements are commonly referenced to the KB,

How does kelly bushing work?

The rotary motion from the rotary table is transmitted to the bushing through the pins, and then to the Kelly itself through the square or hexagonal flat surfaces between the Kelly and the Kelly bushing. The Kelly then turns the entire drill string because it is screwed into the top of the drill string itself.

When the Kelly is disconnected from the string and set back, the drive bushing is lifted and set back with it.

Fixing (Engagement) of the kelly drive bushing

The engagement is accomplished either :

A) by drive pins fixed into the bottom of the Kelly bushing fitting into holes bored into the top of master bushing

Drive Pin

Fixing (Engagement) of the Kelly drive bushing

B) By a square on the bottom of the Kelly drive bushing fitting into the corresponding square recess of the master bushing The result of this engagement is that when the rotary turns the Kelly and the Kelly bushing turns the entire drill string

Types of Kelly bushing

Three types of Kelly bushing are available: Heavy, Medium, light-duty
Heavy duty Kelly Bushing This unit is used for heavy duty drilling operations and high torque conditions on off shore as well as on shore drilling operations. Medium duty Kelly Bushing Designed for shallow to medium depth applications. Light duty Kelly bushing designed for shallow, slim hole drilling and workover rig applications

ROLLER KELLY BUSHING Model 27 HDS 27 HDP 20 HDP RTM4 Medium Type Heavy Drive style Square Pin Pin Square 20 1/2 MSPC and MDSP 17 1/2 MSPC and MDSP 17 - 27 1/2 inch Master Bushing 23 - 49 1/2 Inch 23 - 491/2 Inch 20 - 22 1/2 inch Square Kelly size 3 - 6 3 - 6 3 - 6 2 - 5 1/4 Hex Kelly size 3 - 6 3 - 6 3 - 6 3 - 4 1/4

20 MDP


2 - 4 1/4

3 - 4 1/4

17 MDP


2 - 4 1/4

3 - 4 1/4


Square Square Square

2 - 4 1/4 2 - 5 1/4 2 - 4 1/4

3 - 4 1/4 3 - 4 1/4 3 - 4 1/4



2 - 4 1/4

3 - 4 1/4

Kelly bushing design

The Kelly drive bushing is equipped with rollers that permit the Kelly to move freely upward or down word either when the rotary is turning or when it is stationary

The Kelly bushing may be designed to fit either shape of Kellys (square hexagonal triangular ) or it may be designed to accommodate either shape by changing rollers to fit The Kelly bushing may have an optional lock assembly that locks it into the master bushing , that is especially useful for use with motion compensators offshore

Rollers of Kelly drive bushing may be either:

single plane roller design

Double plane roller design

1. Lubrication to reduce wear is the most important aspect of maintenance , it is done with a grease gun , it can be done each tour or each day but must not be neglected 2. Keep top nut tight to keep roller pins from working in the body journal area 3. The bushing regardless of its design type , must be inspected regularly for wear 4. Parts can be removed and replaced right on the rig floor by the floor crew under the supervision of the driller