By Tyler B, Erik S, Nick A, Mike B, Erik M.

 The SNCC(student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) is and organization that helped many earn their true freedom such as organizing voter registration. .

 The SNCC was very strict on their nonviolent views and even when they struggled to stay nonviolent they kept their pact.  The only time someone wanted this pact to end was in 1969 by James Forman and the SNCC officially changed their name to ‘Student National Coordinating Committee’ to allow violence. ▪ This name and idea didn’t last long it ended in 1970. .

NAACP stand for “National association for the advancement of colored people” .1909.  The NAACP was founded February 12 .

  THE NAACP was founded by Ida B. . Wells. Oswald Garrison Villard William English Walling. Henry Moscowitz. Florence Kelly The NAACP was mainly founded because of the continued Lynching and the race riot in Springfield Illinois. Archibald Grimke.

. The focus of the group is to equalize rights for African Americans and eradicate race prejudice.

. The KKK(Ku Klux Klan) was a white supremacy group hated so many races except whites  Unless whites would teach colored or help them in anyway.

. Their political party was ‘far right’ (extremist) The name originated from the greek word kyklos.   The kkk has had three clans total. meaning circle and then they just changed the ‘c’ in clan to a ‘k’.

 The second klan is what started the burning of crosses. Andrews cross .  They gained this idea from an ancient Scottish clan who burned St.

feel like they could live like the rest. like they should . The Black Panthers party was an African American revolutionary organization that wanted freedom and wanted to take control of their destinies and have just as many rights as any other white or any race. wanted just as much attention and have the abilities to learn like the rest. http://cdn3.jpg http://www.ioffer.jpg http://4.            .jpg http://en.jpg http://www.naacpmarshallmo.jpg http://filterednews.

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