Selecting and Implementing a Content Management System

Ka-Neng Au
New Jersey Library Association 20 April 2004

Rutgers University Libraries


retrieve. edit. store. and publish content These functions relate to authors. editors.What is Content Management? Supporting the functions required to create. and collaborators involved in preparing and delivering content Rutgers University Libraries 2 . control.

What is a Content Management System? An integrated set of software tools that support the content management functions The major components are:      Data repository User interface Workflow scheme Editorial tools Output utilities Rutgers University Libraries 3 .

Why a CMS? To provide an adaptable and extensible platform for managing content Note: content may be    on a Website for a print publication for a product catalog Rutgers University Libraries 4 .

Why a CMS for RUL? To enable:       Self-authoring of content Versioning and archiving of documents Scalability of Website Keeping up with standards Better workflow management Easier re-designs Rutgers University Libraries 5 .

open-source Support metadata Content in XML Include workflow tools Include authoring tools and templates Rutgers University Libraries 6 .Some CMS Qualities Web-based system Adaptable and extensible to existing server Open-standards.

Open-standards. open-source S/LAMP     Solaris or Linux (operating system) Apache (Web server) mySQL (relational DBMS) PHP (scripting language) Rutgers University Libraries 7 .

Selection Process Consider reasons for adopting a CMS Involve diverse group: content providers AND content users Develop list of required qualities Determine budget Evaluate products Rutgers University Libraries 8 .

Installation and Configuration Download binaries Install program Configure modules Test from remote site Patch the program Test some more Implement service Rutgers University Libraries 9 .

Current Status at RUL Postponed implementation   Limitations of software Other Web projects to complete Research alternatives Re-evaluate technology Develop new schedule Rutgers University Libraries 10 Re-considering choice of CMS    .

Acknowledgements Samuel McDonald  Webmaster Shaun Ellis  Web Developer David Hoover  System Administrator Rutgers University Libraries 11 .

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