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Improving the lives of underprivileged Section of the society

Amrendra Kumar Anubhav Tiwary Ajinkya Deshmukh Joseph John

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6 8. About 1.6 28.5 14.3 Andhra Pradesh Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Odisha West Bengal Source : India Census 2011 Greater Mumbai Kolkata Chennai New Delhi Bangalore Source : India Census 2011 29.7 lakhs HHs live in these slums.1 21. hawkers. plumbers etc.7 31.5 Slum scenario in Bangalore • Scattered slums in Bangalore.7 million households(17. garbage disposal and water logging issues . lack of water supply. Kerala and other backwards districts of Karnataka • Mainly involved in jobs like transport workers.4%) out of 78.9 28.Slum scenario in India • 13. sweepers.9 million urban households live in slums Top 5 states having slums HHs State Proportion of Slum HHs to Urban HHs(%) 35.3% (127) slums has largest proportion of slums • Problems faced by people in these areas includes absence of schools. out of this 228 are notified and 341 are unauthorised. electrician. lack of proper housing.3 23.9 State Slums HHs in metropolitan cities Proportion of Slum HHs to Urban HHs(%) 41. large temporary slums near construction sites • Migrants from Tamil Nadu. • 569 slums. • Bangalore East with ~22.

Keshava Seva Samithi (KSS) “Seva hi Paramo Dharmah”. Health. BE Mechanical Engineer and Deputy Manager with MICO Vision To Empower all the slum dwellers of the city so that they match upto the level of mainstream society Mission Objective KSS strives for bringing the slum dwellers to the main stream of the society through cultural integration & social upliftment • • • Create a sense of dignity. free eye surgeries.Service is the highest form of dharma • Founded in 1999 by Late Shri. H. yoga etc. • Women Empowerment Youth • Yuva Bharati : Training progammes and financing schemes for push carts and ironing jobs. Women & Youth Empowerment • Scope of operation : Operation limited to Bangalore that too within North-East side as it has highest proportion of slum areas • Responsibility handled by volunteers with supports from philanthropists & donors Education • • • • Vidya Bhagya Vidya Vahini Shishu Mandir Summer Camps • Health Arogya Bhagya : Focus on well being of HHs in slums. equality & responsibility Impart values & life skills Empower women • Areas of operation : Education.Mohan Kumar. Matru Shakthi : Social awareness programs for women .K. includes free health checkup.

Teachers • From slums/nearby areas who have completed secondary or higher secondary education • Part-time employees. • Follow up what they learn in school and build up on that • Engage children by conducting plays. community halls and school premises . workshop and other cultural programmes.KSS Intervention in Education Objective • Running tuition center in slums across Bangalore under Vidya Bhagya Program throughout the year Idea • Engage slum children after school hours where they are likely to pickup bad habits • Augment children’s learning at school by providing quality education • Complement by teaching moral and cultural values Tuition • Provided from 1st to 7th standard on daily basis. paid honorarium every month • Locally connected with people & children • Annual training for teacher Location • Make use of space available within slum areas • Classes are conducted in temples.

Policeman Parents • “We’ll do everything possible to teach our children” • Complaint of school infrastructure. Chandrappa • Challenge of convincing some parents Economic Disparity . Engineer. Library • Ambition – Doctor. Sing. 1000 – 1500 per month Water • Buy @ Rs.Field Visit to Priyanka Nagar Slum Observation House • Rent of Rs. 2 per pot Health • Government health center Alcoholism • “Ghar – ghar ki kahani” Student • Help in Household Activities • Love their school: Computer Lab. mid day meal • Happy to send their children for evening tuition Coordinator • “I get a kick out of social work” – Mr. passion for social service Dance. Tailor. Enjoy Enthusiastic Participation Tutor • “I was always interested in teaching” – Mr. Teacher. Subaiah • Working at grass-root level.

computer education . medium for teaching • Sustainability • Credibility among community and donors: Sponsorship of children • Transparency: Audit Report • Accountability: Community is very submissive • Impact • 103 tuition centers: provided tuition to 7650 students in last four years • Increasing teaching dimension: Sports. corporates .Is the model successful? • Scalability Workforce Financial Challenges Infrastructural Challenge Long term relationship with community Emotional Connect with community Challenge in finding local volunteer Operation cost of INR 21600 per center per annum in 2011 Fund raising .80/20 funding from individual vs. Kickback involved in corporate funding Lack of skilled workforce to bring corporate funding Lack of space Unavailability of technology. quality education. cultural programs.

Concept of mobile learning centre for slum children in Delhi Collaboration with grassroots level NGOs Focus on industrial area slums.Bangalore Bangalore Nai Disha Learning Center New Delhi NCR DIKSHA FOUNDATION Patna Bihar . implementation of policies and practices.Study of other NGOs NGO Location Scope of operation Differentiating Factor Save the Children New Delhi Global Focus on providing learning environment. Follows NCERT Syllabus. Use of mass media like radio & television to impart education SMILE Foundation New Delhi National Dani Development and Social Action Peenaya . Availability of computer lab Focus on technology and inclusion of extra-curricular activities with education. Scholarship program. Nutritional support through midday meal. Conduct social audit of industries and factories in that area.

Way Ahead…. Collaboration with other stakeholders • Collaboration with NGOs like SMILE Foundation working in similar area • Collaboration with government for infrastructure facilities under schemes like JNNURM Focus on increasing visibility • Marketing activities targeted at corporate donors . will bring accountability in the system Mobile Learning Center • Will help in high technology teaching aids . important for sustaining in long run • Will help in bringing more funds by establishing credibility Inclusion of parents as shareholders • Nominal charge of INR 30 as operating cost • Need to communicate benefit to parents..

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