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AGL Energy Ltd.

INTRODUCTION  AGL is Australia’s biggest energy retailer.  Diverse power generation .  Drawing on more than 170 years of experience  Australia’s largest dual fuel customer base.

INTRODUCTION contd.2 million homes and 300.000 businesses throughout the state of Victoria and capital Melbourne.  Australia’s largest private owner and operator of renewable energy assets.  Supplying energy to 2. .

BUSINESS SITUATION  AGL had implemented SAP IS-U and CRM system to support the business processes.  Limited bandwidth of company’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). .  Company was worried about the inadequate User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

BUSINESS SITUATION contd.  Documentation was insufficient.  Defect management and reuse of test assets was weak.  Lack of a standard testing process. .

BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS  For wholesale energy : Improved settlement reporting  For merchant energy portfolio management : Better load forecasting. . accuracy and data segmentation with better reporting.

BUSINESS REQUIREMENT contd. .  For retail energy : More accurate pricing  For billing : Improved processing  Need to improve its non-integrated. outdated and high maintenance legacy system.

 TCS took $16 million to improve AGL ERP system. the company turned to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). .  To brace for this.COLLABORATION  AGL look for a partner who together with AGL team would focus on providing timely UAT for the requested changes in production.

.  TCS took over the management of the existing SAP ERP system.TCS ROLE  TCS’s specific role as a system integrator and to plan. while supporting implementation of SAP IS-U. powerful enough to handle massive data flow. design and build an analytics solution for wholesale forecasting.

TCS SOLUTION  TCS provide a comprehensive Application Maintenance and Outsourcing(AMO) solution. .  To reduce operational expenses per customer account.  To reduce IT complexity and cost .  To ensure flexibility and scalability.

.  TCS and AGL energy selected SAP HANA together with new capabilities – which are being developed using AGILE software development methodology.  TCS proposed its Global Network Delivery Model(GNDM) to offer AMO service to the client.TCS SOLUTION contd.

 SAP HANA enables business to query multiple types of data source in real time at unprecedented speed and volume. . in-memory software and leading SAP partner hardware.SAP HANA  The SAP HANA platform – a combination of multipurpose.

.SAP HANA contd.  SAP HANA is reducing IT maintenance costs  Improving data accuracy  Improving AGL’s real-time forecasting capacity.

BENEFITS  Zero-escalation transition and support.  Increased efficiency in accessing resource an technology services. .  Significant enhancement in the level of IT services.

 Improved operational efficiencies.  Improved productivity  Reduced cost of application maintenance.  Flexibility and scalability of operations with cost proportional to business requirements. .BENEFITS contd.