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ASME Nuclear Conformity Assessment
Kevin Ennis Director, Nuclear Codes and Standards

ASME Nuclear Conformity Assessment • What is it? • Why is Conformity Assessment Important? • Who is involved? • What are the steps in the process? • How does Conformity Assessment fit into the nuclear industry? .

Conformity Assessment . certification. process.Defined • Definition (from ISO/IEC 17000)  Demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product. inspection. accreditation • Simply:  Programs. system. person or body are fulfilled  Examples: testing. processes and procedures for demonstrating compliance with Section III of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code • Product Certification  Nuclear Components  Materials . registration.

piping systems. pumps.Conformity Assessment . valves. concrete containments Field installation and shop assembly Fabrication. storage tanks. with or without design responsibility. for nuclear parts Safety and safety relief valves Containment of spent fuel and high level radioactive waste NS Nuclear component supports (no associated stamp) .Defined Nuclear components: vessels. core support systems.

fasteners. flanges. billets. prestressing components . plates. tubular products – Wire. fittings. castings.Conformity Assessment . forgings.Defined Quality System Certificate • Material Manufacturers and Material Suppliers • Supply material to nuclear component manufacturers • Examples: – Bars. rod. ingots – Welding material – Concrete reinforcing bars.

Defined • Types of Certificates  Accreditation – Approval of QA Program  Accreditation – Quality System Manufacture and Supply of Material  Authorization – Component Manufacture  Authorization – Supports .Conformity Assessment .

Conformity Assessment .Defined • ASME Certifies the manufacturer • Manufacturer certifies the product .

Importance of Conformity Assessment • History         Industrial Revolution ~ late 1800’s Steam power to 1910 Explosions Early Regulations ASME Boiler Code – 1915 Conformity Assessment – S. A and PP Stamps Interstate Commerce Global Trade .

services.e. or system to system . or systems have the required characteristics (i.Importance of Conformity Assessment • Conformity assessment process ensures:  Products. meet Code requirements)  Characteristics are consistent from product to product.. service to service.

Importance of Conformity Assessment • Conformity assessment process enables:  Manufacturers have access to markets  Purchasers to have confidence that products will be acceptable for use (regulations and liability insurance)  Regulatory Authorities to have confidence that equipment is safe to operate  Organizations to have recourse for bringing products into compliance with the Code .

) . a component may be assembled and certified in the US but the parts may come from all over the world.Importance of Conformity Assessment • Conformity assessment process assists in:  Supply chain management • Last Build – US technology with US suppliers (mostly) • New Build – global supply chains • New Build – global suppliers (As an example.

Conformity Assessment Organizations • Organizations Involved:  Regulatory Authorities – NRC – Jurisdiction  Certification Bodies – ASME – National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (National Board)  Third Party Inspection Agency – Authorized Nuclear Inspection Agency (ANIA)  Certificate Holder – Manufacturer .

Conformity Assessment Organizations • Regulatory Authorities:  Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Endorse the Code as an acceptable means of complying with regulation – Member of the Committee on Nuclear Certification  Jurisdictions – Adopt and enforce the Code – Member of the Committee on Nuclear certification – May participate as a member of the survey team .

Conformity Assessment Organizations • Certification Bodies:  ASME – Promulgates the Code – Certifies Manufacturers – Authorizes the Inspection Agencies (ANIA)  National Board – Examination and Commissioning of Inspectors – May represent the Jurisdictions .

or Canada to write Boiler and Pressure Vessel insurance  Accredited by ASME to perform the inspections required by one or more sections of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code  Provide third party inspection (oversight) to ensure the ASME Certificate Holder is in compliance with Scope of Authorization  Participate in the survey of the manufacturer .S.Conformity Assessment Organizations • Third Party Inspection Agency  Government agencies which adopt and enforce the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. “Jurisdictions”  Companies licensed in U.

Conformity Assessment Organizations • Certificate Holder:  Controlled Manufacturing process – All Examinations – All Tests – Final Certification .

Conformity Assessment Process 6 Months Application-Preparation 3-5 days Survey Deficiency Correction 3-year cycle 1 week 30-90 days Certification Decision (CNC) Issuance of Certificate .

Conformity Assessment Process • Application/Preparation:  Applicant applies to ASME – Enters into an agreement with an ANIA  Applicant prepares for the survey – Establishes and implements QA program – Internal audit .

Conformity Assessment Process • Survey:  Survey Team – ASME Team Leader – 1/2 ASME Team Members – Authorized Nuclear Inspector – Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor – Jurisdiction (invited) .

Conformity Assessment Process • Survey:  3-5 Day Survey – Manual review – Entrance meeting – Implementation demonstration – Team findings and recommendations – Exit meeting – Recommendations – Due process .

Interaction among organization in the nuclear industry User Regulation Conformity Assessment Contract Regulatory Authority Regulation Manufacturer .