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Basic editing operations include selecting parts of an image. It allows users to edit pictures interactively and save them. It also enables user to compress an image and hide data behind an image(Steganography). cropping. sharpening and changing the contrast of an image. . scaling. It also allows user to add important notes or text on image and zoom in/out on image.     Image editor is an android application computer that enables a user to manipulate visual images to improve its appearance.

   The main objective of the project is to make an application in Android which supports all the basic functions to manipulate an image through user friendly Interface. It will also help user to secure information using steganography and save the disk space using image compression Provides some Desktop image editor features in mobile devices .

rotate & resize an image to get a nice look of an image and make a picture more effective Used to change settings of an image(Contrast & Brightness) Zoom in & out on image to have clarity on specific part of an image Add important notes on an image Compress an image so it will occupy less size Steganography & Stegnalysis of an image for security of Information(Data Hiding in Image) .       Used in Cell Phones or Tablet or Devices having Android as OS Used to crop .

Option to Save and Cancel cropped Image Zoom In /out Image Load image from Gallery or SD card and Allow to zoom in and out an image Add Text on Image Load image from Gallery or SD card and Allow to add important notes on any part of the image Option to Save and Cancel .        Crop an Image Load image from Gallery or SD card and Crop selected part of an Image.

Down .        Rotate an Image Load image from Gallery or SD card and Rotate it up . left & right. Size and Resolution Resize an Image Load image from Gallery or SD card and Allow to scale an image Option to Save and Cancel scaled Image . Option to Save and Cancel cropped Image Display Detail of an Image Display Detail of selected Image like Full name of an image. Type of an image (JPEG or BMP or GIf).

Stegnalysis on Image .brightness & blur setting in image Option to Save and Cancel changed Image Steganography on Image Load image from Gallery or SD card and Allow to hide some text data behind selected image.contrast .        Compress an image Load image from Gallery or SD card and Allow to compress an image (Image Compression) Change Image Settings Set sharpness .

    Load image from Gallery or SD card and find out if any text data is hidden or not . If any text data is found behind an image it will display that data Image Composition Load Multiple images from Gallery or SD card and allow to mix them Option to Save and Cancel edited Image .

          July 2013 To April 2014 1 year project(Combined for 7th & 8th Semester)+ During 7th Semester Analysis UML Diagrams SRS Report During 8th Semester GUI Designing Development Testing .

Jellybean & Ice –cream sandwich .           Processor : Dual core Ram : 512mb Operating System : Android Development Tool : Eclipse Galileo\Juno\Indigo Development Language : Android (Java) Technology : Android (Mobile Application) Simulation Tool : Android Emulator Simulation OS : Windows/Linux Database : Sqllite Debugger : ADT (Android Debug Tool) Versions : Gingerbread.