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Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.

Philip Kotler

Advertising not only plays a vital role in promoting our economic growth but it is a colorful and diverting aspect of life. Peter Drucker







is a mass non-personal communication. It is a matter of record. It persuades buyers to purchase the goods advertised. It is a marketing tool.


of sales. To create awareness about introduction of new product. Creation of good public image. Facilitate mass production. Education of people.



The main purpose of this type of advertising is to inform and stimulate the market about the advertisers products or services and to sell these. Ex- POLO Car

It is directed to buyers of consumer products who purchase them either for their own use or for their households. Ex- Surf Excel

It refers to those advertisements which are issued by the manufacturers/distributors to the buyers of industrial goods. Ex- Machinery

It is directed by the manufacturers to the distribution channel members, such as wholesalers or retailers.

It is directed to those decision makers who are professional people. Ex- Pharmaceuticals

Advertising is a process whereas the Advertisement is the end product of it.

An advertising objective is a specific communications task and achievement level to be accomplished with a specific audience in a specific period of time Example- Pepsi

INFORMATIVE ADVERTISING aims to create brand awareness and knowledge of new products or new features of existing product. ExPepsiCo's 7upLemon

PERSUASIVE ADVERTISING aims to create liking, preference, conviction, and purchase of a product or service. Ex-Subhiksha

REMINDER ADVERTISING aims to stimulate repeat purchase of product and services. Ex- Coca Cola

REINFORCEMENT ADVERTISING aims to convince current purchasers that they made the right choice. Ex-Volkswagon

DEFENSIVE ADVERTISING is one in which marketers advertise to offset or lessen the effects of a competitors promotional programme.

Ex- Pepsis ad against Thums up ad

LOCAL ADVERTISING is used by the firms who wants to restrict itself to the local area in the beginning. Ex- Nirma

NATIONAL ADVERTISING is used when some firm think that their target is the entire country. Ex- Brooke Bond

GLOBAL ADVERTISING is used by the multinational firms who treat the world as their market. Ex- Samsung

SERVICE ADVERTISING is used by the firms who provide services to the consumer. Ex- Kingfisher Airlines


helps in brand building. It increases the demand for commodities. It reduces the distribution expenses. It ensures the consumers better quality of goods.

Now more and more organizations using advertising to show their social responsiveness and making people environment loving. Ex- Save tiger project


and legal issues Time slot of advertising Brand Ambassador Upcoming Season Type of media to use