A European survey conducted for Ubisoft KEY INSIGHTS
April 2013

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1. Research objectives
 Gather data on Just Dance’s key target in Europe: teens 12-18 y.o. – also called « Gen C or Z » or « Connected generation » - in terms of lifestyle: use of digital technology, video games, relationship to sharing, to partying… Show the parallel between values embodied by Just Dance and this very connected generation.

2. Methodology
 Sample of 200 teens aged 12 to 18 y.o. in each of the 5 main countries of EU (so 1000 people total): Germany, UK, Spain, France and Italy. Sample is national representative on sex, age and region. This research has been conducted in ad hoc online Fieldwork dates : April 2013

 





74 % own a smartphone 87% use the internet every day

90% use social networks, especially Facebook (79%)

But for 61%, the time spent on the internet doesn’t impinge on other activities. « Digital natives » are multitaskers and naturally integrate the use of technology in their everyday life, without it preventing them from having other activities.


Technology is above all a mean of expression, sharing and discussion with others for this hyper-social generation, that interacts with mutliple spheres: family, friends, virtual friends…

7/10 use the internet to communicate with their close
ones and take part in social networks.

92 % of social networks users publish on them:

comments on pictures, personal pictures or videos, personal opinions…

63% have virtual friends that they never actually met: On average 78 !
1 young European on 4 has already created a blog, mainly to share their passions.


• 68% prefer to meet their friends in reality than virtually
• Meeting with friends is the 2nd favorite leisure (67%), same level as listening to music (69%) & going on the internet (66%)

Teens meet at each others’ (64%), but also at the cinema (58%) or simply outside in a public space (51%).

• 59% say they have no preference between time spent with their
friends or their family. Being connected, it’s being together ! Being surrounded by technology doesn’t prevent teens from spending time with their close ones in real life, wether it’s family or friends.

MUSIC, AT THE HEART OF THE PARTY • 9/10 take part in parties with friends or family,
including half regularly (at least once a month)

During parties with friends, they talk (50%), play (36%), and of course have fun (27%) and dance ! (19%)

Ingredients of a successful party ? Above all the friends (89%) and the music (59%)
Preferred music is pop (54%), before rap/hip hop (37%) and electro (36%) 12-18 y.o. live with music ! A key leisure and a essential ingredient of parties with friends.



83% own a gaming device at home, especially a Wii (65%
of gaming device owners) or a Playstation (55%)
For most, the gaming device is located in the living room (65%). But it can also be in the teen’s room, especially in the UK (60%).

95% play video games, including 66% weekly and 27% daily
89% play games on mobile devices or tablets, 73% weekly and 44% daily

Almost 1/3 girls play dance video games (32%)
12-18 y.o. are highly equipped in gaming devices. Video games are part of their daily life.




« What do you do during parties with friends ?
“Play truth or dare, go to the park” (UK) “Dance ,chat and have a laugh” (UK)
« We play board games or the Wii. We talk. Bake cakes. » (FR) « We eat, drink a little vodka, listen to music, some dance and sometimes we hang on the internet » (FR)

“Talk, play music and go on to play computer games” (UK)
« We often talk about school or our favourite stars » (FR)
« We have dinner together, have drinks, go dancing » (FR)

« Video games. Discussions. Listen to music. Skate. Drink. Eat. Smoke. Talk about girls. Chat up » (FR)

« We talk and send SMSs » (FR)

“We talk and maybe go on a video game that we can all play”

« We atalk about everything, we eat, drink, play games, dance and sing » (FR)

« We talk, look at videos on YouTube, listen to music, play video games » (FR)

“Have a look around, joke around and make complete idiots of ourselves” (UK)
“We dance, sing to our fave music, play around with make up, talk about boys and do each others hair” (UK)

« We dance, we talk, eat, then have drinks. Then around midnight we go out to a bar or a club and dance all night long » (FR) “We play Zumba, get our nails done and we then meet up with people” (UK)


« What are your best party memories? »
“Singing Bob Marley with friends outside in public REALLY loud” (UK)
« During summer when we do camping parties in a garden and dance » (FR)
« Opening presents at Christmas » (FR) « At a friend’s birthday, the theme was disco. We had a good laugh, we were all dressed up and it gave a party feel to the place as soon as you entered. » (FR)

“It was nice dancing with the family and watching them all having a dance and good time as a family. Some of my friends enjoyed seeing my family dancing” (UK)

“When we stay up late and talk into the night and laugh so much” (UK)
« Have fun with my cousins, pyjama parties with my girlfriends, go to bed late, dance at friends’ » (FR)

« Going clubbing with my friends, weddings with my “Connecting with people not seen for ages” (UK) family, playing sports with my friends » (FR) « A birthday party with a DJ who livened things up » (FR)

« Sleepover at my friends » (UK)

“Just having fun and lots of laughter” (UK)

« Relaxed evenings when everybody has a good time » (FR)
« The main thing for me is to feel good, laugh, have fun, be around nice people and that there is no bad spirit » (FR)

“Mum allowing me to drink some alcohol” (UK) « Giggles » (FR)

“Laughter, relaxed, togetherness and fun ” (UK)


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