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Data Analysis Consultancy Services

Mumbai (INDIA)

Above 10 years of experience in Data Processing. Worked with most of the leading Market Research Companies like IMRB, NFO, WNS, ACNielsen-ORG Marg, Cross-Tab. Have worked closely with clients like Millward Brown, Synovate (UK), NOP, IPSOS,Virtual Surveys etc. Experience in handling both forms of Domestic as well as International Clients.

Data Processing / Tabulation Open-end Coding Charting Advanced Analytics

Data Processing
Since data is the most critical component for any study the first step is to ensure that the data is clean. Our expertise in writing the Data Cleaning / Validation Program will allow to check the data well in advance before processing the tables. Tabulation programs to generate tables. Quality checks for checking the accuracy and completeness of tables.

To code the responses for open end questions i.e Qualitative Feedback. Expertise in coding in Excel. Familiar with on-line coding tool like Ascribe. Expertise in merging the open ends data with the ASCII data both in Quantum as well as in SPSS. Deliverables would include Code-frame,Coded data & Counts.

Work on the template provided by the client as per their standards. Power Point Presentations Report Writing

Statistical Analysis
Statistical analysis like Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Logistic Regression, Modeling Techniques etc. Ready to work on statistical tools provided by the clients according to their needs.

Basic Reports
Project Report which gives the details of all the projects at a glance. Daily Status report highlighting the key events on a particular project. Project Tracking system which would systematically show the status of the project at a given point in time against the pre-planned time schedule allocated at every stage of the project.

Software Knowledge
Quantum which is a specialized market research data processing software. SPSS which is a specialized market research tool used for doing statistical analysis. Dimensions IOM & TOM module for Survey Programming & Tabulation. Currently doing certification in SAS Analytical tool

Costing will be depend on size, complexity , time required for project . We can predict cost when we receive requirement by email .

Business Ethics
Realistic Approach Transparency

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