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Haiyya Leadership Competencies

June 1, 2013

Guidelines • Goal to provide common definition and language for: – – – – – Leadership development framework for fellows and team Team goal-setting. self-evaluations and reviews Ongoing feedback Recruiting of fellows and team members Identifying development needs for fellows and team members • How to read this document – Not a checklist. but grounds for shared understanding – More work to be done • Develop appropriate training and development programs for Haiyya team and fellows • Will look forward to your feedback .

Haiyya Competencies STORYTELLING: COMMUNICATION • Issue Understanding and Relevance • Storytelling & Public Narrative  Communicating (Written and Verbal) RELATIONSHIP BUILDING & MANAGEMENT  Managing Internal and External Relationships  Developing Commitment  Radically Hospitable CONTRIBUTION TO HAIYYA  Building & Preserving Our Organization  Moral Imagination and Learning Orientation  Leadership in the Field STRUCTURING: PEOPLE MANAGEMENT & TEAMWORK  Being a Team Player  Managing Self & Others  Coaching & Leadership Building  Delivering & Receiving Feedback STRATEGY & ACTION: PROJECT MANAGEMENT & EXECUTION  Managing Project & Delivering on Project Objectives  Designing Tasks to Build Leadership  Designing & Facilitating Meetings  Adaptability and Iteration .

Core Leadership Competencies .

email. phone.. effective use of time. • Uses inspiring verbal communications that excite audiences about our work Issue relevan but that li . etc. crisp and well structured documents Communicatin • Delivers equally effective one-on-one and group presentations g (Written and • Balances communications by keeping stakeholders appraised of needed information and while not “over-copying” Verbal) • Consistently displays ability to keep Haiyya values at the heart of communications – such as 24 hour call returns. answering emails in a timely fashion. cultural and economic context of issues selected • Maintains leadership development and community building as center of all issue engagement Issue Understanding and Relevance Storytelling & Public Speaking • Communicates the Haiyya model and successfully connects with and inspires people using personal stories and simple anecdotes • Consistently succeeds in connecting others to Haiyya’s work through stories • Identifies stories within Haiyya’s work that illustrate impact and values • Utilizes storytelling as an alternative presentation style weaving both facts and narratives into verbal or written presentations • Adjusts stories to different audiences and media mobilizing others to support our work • Uses appropriate communication method (i. written or in-person) • Makes strong and inspiring oral presentations with clear purpose.e.Core Competency: Storytelling: Issue Identification & Communication Description • Pusues personal learning about issues selected • Understand political. and adept handling of questions on topic • Writes strong.

Core Competency: Relationship Building and Management Description • • • • Treats others with respect and courtesy. cultivating relationships across lines of difference with trust and mutual understanding Manages relationships effectively and pulls in other resources as necessary Seeks mentoring from senior staff to successfully manage internal and external relationships Shares relevant information with stakeholders along entire process from inception to project delivery Uses listening as a tool to effectively build relationships Remains “present” and attentive at individual and group meetings Uses different tactics (one:ones. mass meetings. generosity and integrity with individuals across languages. etc. events.) to build relationships Managing Internal and • External • Relationships • • • • Building Commitment • Drives action and commitment from relationships • Is clear about asks from individuals in communities • Follows up in a timely manners with a specific responsibility • Constantly assessing resources of individuals and identifying opportunities within the organization and campaigns for contribution • Welcoming to everyone who touches Haiyya – in person or virtually • JOSH CAN LIKELY PROVIDE THE REST Radically Hospitable . both internally and externally Independently builds. cultures. geographies and economic classes. manages and owns relationships Prioritizes new and existing relationships Communicates with grace.

delegates appropriate timelines and amount of work. and drives towards quality work product and development experience & Others • Consistently manages upwards and laterally to effectively prioritize work • Creates opportunities to contribute and improve Acumen Fund’s work • Consistently building snowflake structure and able to communicate it to others • • • • Supports peers in learning and brainstorming Mentors and coaches fellows. provides appropriate supervision and feedback Managing Self • Actively supervises. interns and volunteers. and volunteer Solicits coaching from senior team members as necessary Actively managing career planning of self and others Coaching & Leadership Building Delivering & Receiving Feedback • Solicits and quickly incorporates informal and formal feedback from team and supervisors to improve performance • Sets example of receiving and providing feedback by being direct. manages. interns.Core Competency: Structuring: People Management & Teamwork Description • • • • • • • Understands role on team and is willing to contribute to team's success beyond specific role Contributes positively to team dynamics to create a positive team experience Seeks and shares relevant information with team. even when not directly asked Balances need for quality work product and development needs of volunteers and fellows Solicits diverse participation and manages team dynamics Sets example of teamwork by involving others in decisions Speaks up and corrects team dynamics that may lead to internal conflict Being a Team Player • Scopes realistic work plans for fellows. open and responsive • Creates culture of feedback and openness to dialogue through formal review process and informal feedback • Provides balanced feedback .

Core Competency: Strategy & Action: Project Management & Execution Description Managing Projects & Delivering on Project Objectives • Clearly defines project goals and timeline and communicates project vision to team. effectively manages delays and disruptions • Provides feedback during the project • Is able to “helicopter” from details to high-level objectives seamlessly • Adheres to and facilitates decision-making process by participating actively • Delivers high quality finished product on time with guidance and support from supervisors or peers • Ensures five criteria of tasks when delegating work: 1) Task identify. translating Haiyya goals into projects • Defines and/or seeks clarity on decision making processes for projects • Defines appropriate project metrics for success and ensures project metrics are fulfilled • Shares drafts in a timely manner to define expectations and anticipate problems. 5) Xx Designing Tasks to Build • Seeks guidance to ensure tasks are design appropriately Leadership Adaptability and Iteration • Does not allow disruptions or changes in the environment to cause significant delays or frustration • Maintains listening attitude – willing to allow previous assumptions to be questioned • Build adaptation and iteration into all work plans • Creates agendas. and follow-up that advances a clear institutional agenda • Facilitates productive meeting environment where participants have clear roles. 3) Autonomy. 2) Task significance. are energized in the meeting and motivated for follow-up • Facilitates divergent opinions to create a shared outcome • Shares outcomes with appropriate individuals for timely follow-up • Follows-up on meetings efficiently and incorporates feedback as appropriate Designing & Facilitating Meetings . 4) Xx. determines appropriate mix of participants and topics for a productive meeting • Runs internal and external meetings with a clear and compelling agenda and objectives.

leaders. integrity and generosity Displays drive to meet the needs of the community and question the status quo of engagement in all aspects of work and communication • Refutes apathy as a way of being • Actively incorporates creativity. culture and ethics into daily work • Constantly curious and driving curiously of others • • • • • Lives the values of Haiyya and can clearly represent the mission to internal and external audiences Strong understanding of economic. political and social systems which affect our work Begins to build networks of influence Sees our work as levers for broader systems change Actively seeks feedback to understand intended and unintended consequences to refine strategy Leadership in the Field . friends and community with grace.Core Competency: Contribution to Haiyya Description • Willingness to go above and beyond specific role to work on high priority organization building activities Building & Preserving Our Organization • Actively seeks ways to improve organizational processes Uses financial discipline in all decisions and actively seeks ways to reduce costs • Demonstrates willingness to learn and to teach others daily • • • • Moral Imagination & • Learning Orientation Empathetic and comfortable walking in the shoes of the communities we serve Willing to ask challenging questions Highlights the communities we serve in internal and external communications Serves Haiyya team. partners. fellows.

Functional Competencies Haiyya yet .

we Management e out a way to cific skills based job  Finance ADMINISTRATION & OPERATIONS  Administration  Legal  Executive Assistant .Acumen Fund Functional Competencies PORTFOLIO  Spotting Innovations and Contributing Knowledge KNOWLEDGE  Contributing Insights to Sector  Developing Content for External Communications  Delivering Value to Strategic Partners  Managing External Resources  Utilizing Tools to Build Knowledge and Community TALENT  Learning Orientation  Developing Talent Management Tools & Systems  Relationship Building with Internal Team & External Partners  Operational Excellence BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  Fundraising  Managing External Relationships  Proposal Writing & Negotiating  Researching  Developing & Using Tools and Systems apt to : Investment Due emsDiligence ledge  Deal Structuring ning  Adding Value to Investees & Customers y to that given  do Commitment to Metrics Performance hich & case.

etc. context and analysis Deal Structuring • Completes financial and operational models • Tests detailed financial and operational model reality against on the ground data • Translates financials pro forma with few analytical gaps and tests most major • Builds financial models with range of scenarios and assumptions sensitivity analysis on core issues of financial sustainability and scale • Supports the deal structuring process • Works effectively with senior management. may serve on board Adding Value to Investees & Customers Commitment to Metrics & Performance Management • Completes necessary financial. internal • Asks effective questions and seeks out and external legal resources and entrepreneur to information and support on unfamiliar dimensions execute and close deals in a timely fashion of investment structure • Manages investment committee process • Offers strategic advice and guidance to entrepreneur and management team • Considers ways to provide student teams and MBA interns with opportunities to work with investment and their team • Identifies opportunities for additional management support • Provides trusted advice on core business issues relating to Acumen Fund investment • Considered for board seat or "kitchen cabinet" for major business decisions • Actively seeks out additional resources with the experience and skill to help solve core business issues of investment • Guides team on deal structuring • Provides insights into success optimization and clearly lays out financing and capital structures • Clearly ties deal structure into cash flows. reaching annual targets. who can substantially improve company performance • Builds metrics into deal structure and shared agenda for on-going management of investment • Provides insights into social metrics that “prove” impact • Manages portfolio metrics such as speed through pipeline. including interns and fellows. but also beyond our investments • Considered for board seat • Creatively brokers involvement of range of Acumen Fund resources. • Guides team in business planning analysis and creatively garners resources to support investees. advisors.Functional Competencies: Portfolio Associate • Identifies investment opportunities that are consistent with portfolio strategy • Identifies external networks Manager Director/Chief Spotting Innovations and Contributing Knowledge • Takes risks or pushes the envelope of innovation • Develops and builds global portfolio strategy within the sector • Originates block-buster deals that bring true innovation to • Possesses clear domain expertise and relationships the sector external to Acumen Fund that show how investments • Is viewed as a thought leader in sector fit into evolution of sector innovation • Understands country and issue context of all investments clearly • Conducts due diligence consistently with clear prioritization and detailed analysis of risks • Reviews historical performance of organization and entrepreneur thoroughly • Conducts face-to-face meetings to understand "character" of entrepreneur and extent of operations • Guides team on due diligence • Conducts face-to-face site visits with PM and senior Acumen Fund staff to understand character of entrepreneur • Tests and validates all major assumptions within reason Investment Due Diligence • Conducts due diligence effectively • Completes risk assessment • Introduces new or additional facts. partners. primarily relating to Acumen Fund. internal and external legal resources • Advises senior management at both professional and personal level on range of issues. sources and uses of investment capital • Develops term sheet and legal agreements seamlessly with effective coordination of entrepreneur. operational and social metrics in investment • Collects periodic monthly reports and data from investment • Analyzes business issues relating to investment and identifies problem areas • Reviews metrics with team and includes comprehensive list of operational and financial metrics in deal • Collects and analyzes monthly reports from investments and considers social metrics • Provides constructive suggestions and resources to critical post-investment business needs .

white papers. including intranet. research. proposals. proposals.) • Possesses strong editing. universities • Effective in designing and delivering specific products for key partners. specifically • Ability to design and structure communications materials through media and conferences • Delivers media-ready content in written or oral form • Manages key media relationships • Understands needs and interests of strategic partners. investees. advisors) and develops volunteer resources • Identifies and screens external resources such as PR firms.Functional Competencies: Knowledge Associate Manager Director/Chief Contributing Insights to Sector • Finds and collects content that illustrate insights and key trends of sector • Supports development of knowledge and insights (e. reports. and performance assessment of key external resources • Selects and engaged advisors • Guides team in development and utilization of tools and systems • Assures strategic and efficient use of knowledge capture and sharing tools across organization Utilizing Tools to Build Knowledge and Community • Utilizes appropriate forms and templates – online or otherwise – to efficiently share knowledge internally and externally • Familiar with relevant tools (PDMS. corporate circle) • Identifies and meets the needs of key partners through sharing of knowledge and access to AF team and networks • Cultivates and manages ‘big ask’ relationships Delivering Value to Strategic Partners • Displays comfort working with strategic partners and effectively communicates with them through appropriate follow-ups and feedback • Supports the delivery of specific products for key partners. Salesforce) for data capture and synthesis • Manages and creates systems for knowledge sharing and communications. and summaries Managing External Resources • Corresponds with key external resources (vendors. proof-reading and relevant writing skills • Understands basic design concepts • Translates complex ideas and synthesizes information for • Develops vision and overall communications diverse use (e. including communications.g. website. corporations.g. public etc. and summaries • Leads proposal drafting effort and regularly creates nearclient-ready proposals • Builds and manages relationships with Acumen Fund investors. adapting technical investing information strategy for blog entries) • Guides team in content development and • Supports broad AF team in contributing to storytelling communicating messages and communication efforts • Represents Acumen Fund externally. such as investors. invoicing. etc. including communications. universities. articles. corporations and other strategic partners (e.) • Focuses on strategic recommendations concerning knowledge & content creation • Authors original pieces for external publication • Actively seeks opportunities to connect with thought leaders within sector • Tracks research and best practices to position Acumen Fund as a thought leader Developing Content for External Communications • Understands target audience (partners. etc.g. articles. and new tools .) • Interacts with institutions involved in developing knowledge and research with us • Understands audiences and creates the correct mix of content material and visual aids for appropriate audience • Collects and also generates appropriate media ‘stories’ and knowledge objects • Identified and collaborates with institutions to create knowledge and insights for the field (cases. design firms and contractors • Manages relationships with external resources towards specific outcomes • Ensures accountability for external resources and also manages advisor relations • Manages contract development. reports.

utilizes and manages advisory networks to build excitement and momentum around Talent Operational Excellence • Manages basic talent management processes – including HR and Fellows Program • Co-ordinates effectively with larger operations team (i..) • Organizes and manages records and information efficiently • Manages delivery of traditional HR – recruiting. payroll and finance. reward / compensation.e. etc. etc.Functional Competencies: Talent Associate • Values and supports learning culture across firm Manager • Builds systems to promote learning culture across firm • Seeks innovative ways to stretch individual and team development and career path • Advocates feedback and development Director/Chief • Develops vision & strategy of learning culture in internal HR processes as well as Fellows Program • Understands learning needs for the Acumen Fund team Learning Orientation Developing Talent Management Tools & Systems • Understands the link between Talent pillar and Acumen Fund’s business strategy • Displays an interest for key trends in talent management and shares this information appropriately with team • Translates Talent strategy into processes and policies that balance needs across Acumen Fund’s global team • Is aware of key trends and thought leaders in talent management for social enterprise • Develops vision and creates Talent strategy that ties into Acumen Fund’s business goals • Possesses superior people skills • Handles sensitive materials with confidentiality Relationship Building with Internal Team and External Partners • Builds trusting relationships with team • Manages relationships across sector with other organizations regarding talent • Leverages and engages external resources as necessary in all aspects of work • • • • Becomes a trusted advisor to the Acumen Fund team Manages relationships with senior management Provides trusted advice to the CEO Is recognized as an expert in external networks and in the sector • Communicates externally to drive Talent strategy in the field • Builds. • Effectively garners and facilitates Fellows Program and manages fellows experience through the year with investees. visas and legal. training and development. country teams and senior management • Ensures effective co-ordination of talent department with overall organization • Leverages significant expertise and experience in Talent management • Guides team in coordinating administration across organization . performance management.

utilizes and manages advisory networks Proposal Writing and Negotiating • Creates draft proposals that incorporate the required factual and structural elements • Identifies situations requiring negotiations and consults Managers and Directors as needed • Conducts independent research on individuals/institutions • Presents research in consolidated fashion to senior management • Utilizes Raisers Edge and business productivity tools (e. etc..). Individual.. PowerPoint) for database management and creation of presentations • Regularly creates near-client-ready proposals • Successfully negotiates and explains Acumen Fund priorities and incorporates Partner priorities from proposal phase to close • Successfully synthesizes research findings • Demonstrates new insights and action plans from research results • Guides team in proposal writing and negotiations • Successfully negotiates across all levels of external organizations (CEO/President on down) • Guides team in research projects Researching Developing & Using Tools and Systems • Possesses mastery of all business productivity tools for • Guides team in fundraising systems database management and creation of presentations . Institutional) for Acumen Fund • Possesses skills. customizing written and verbal communications to adapt to and meet these priorities • An excellent listener who can craft and customize a story appropriately and who regularly connects with prospects in a meaningful way • Uses necessary tools to empower non-BD staff and successfully manage their own outreach efforts • Successfully and comfortably makes philanthropic asks of at least $100. Corporate. maturity and expertise to manage a number of priority relationships in a given segment • Successfully cultivates new individual and institutional relationships for Acumen Fund • Successfully builds and manages relationships across industries.. segments (Individual.000 and shows the ability to close funders across segments Director/Chief • Develops vision and strategy for business development and fund-raising • Displays style of being outcome-driven. Excel.000.g. Institutional. Institutional) • Ability to recognize how to cultivate relationships • Leads the flow of relationships for a given segment (e. Institution.g. Partner.g. Partner) Manager • Recognizes and responds to prospective/existing Partner priorities.000 regardless of segment Fundraising Managing External Relationships • A strong relationship manager who begins to "own" their segment (e. and sectors • Advises and connects Acumen Fund Partners and prospects across the spectrum • Becomes a trusted resource for external Acumen Fund partners and Board members • Builds. as opposed to process-driven – more discriminatory in events attended and translating into outcomes • Influences sector and field in how to raise money in social sector to create sustainable firms • Succeeds in compressing the typical ask cycle with storytelling and communication skills • Successfully and comfortably makes philanthropic asks of at least $1. Individual.Functional Competencies: Business Development Associate • Connects with different people at various levels and builds meaningful relationships • Succeeds in connecting with and inspiring people from diverse backgrounds and motivating them to support Acumen Fund • Successfully and comfortably makes philanthropic asks of at least $50. Partner. geographies.000 within own segment (Individual.

treasury. Financial Edge) • Possesses a strong quality of service to team • Gives superior attention to detail Manager • Demonstrates skill at managing all internal financial administration needs • Identifies strategic needs and makes recommendations to add value to internal financial department or Acumen Fund as a whole • Able to inculcate financial discipline across organization • Effectively manages relationships with vendors. contracts.g. bankers etc • Understands fiduciary. board. intellectual property) • Ability to work proactively with business colleagues to mitigate risk with a solution orientation • Effectively initiates and manages all administrative.g. executive assistants’ career track will involve mobility to a different division at Acumen Fund • N/A Executive Assistant • Manages conflicting priorities and negotiates with different parties • Communicates effectively with Acumen Fund community .. recommending use of funds • To be developed with the growth of Acumen Fund Administration • Functions as a corporate/commercial generalist with oversight by General Counsel • Provides basic advice on legal issues (e. financial and management functions • Possesses superior financial forecasting and investment management skills • Effectively utilizes knowledge of foreign operations to leverage business • Delivers financial oversight and prudence with effectiveness but firm diplomacy • Takes strong positions in time of need to ensure long-term viability of the organization • Displays comfort in communicating financial.g. operational and technological aspects of the physical office environment • Manages relationships with vendors and other 3rd party service providers • Possesses organizational judgment to provide strategic recommendations • Defines and manages Technology and Administration budgets. outside auditors. Business Development team and investees • Communicates financial and budgeting concepts and information in a clear. immigration.Functional Competencies: Administration & Operations Associate • Possesses functional expertise in financial accounting principle and processes • Possesses good spreadsheet skills • Uses financial accounting software and financial tools competently (e. immigration. drafting and negotiation • Possesses level of deal expertise to develop first draft of deal documentation and deliver deal training to Acumen Fund staff • Possesses mastery of corporate secretariat function • Knows when to call upon and strategically utilize outside counsel • Able commercial/corporate generalist • Some familiarity with entire spectrum of legal issues • Trusted business / legal advisor Legal • Garners team to support activities • N/A • Usually. user-friendly fashion Director/Chief • Oversees the budget process and manages relationships with team. intellectual property) • Is a critical resource for deal structuring. management and budgeting decisions to the Board Finance • Understands and is aware of policies to support administrative tasks • Utilizes office equipment and other relevant technology to meet organizational needs • Displays attention to detail and produces accurate work product • Is well organized and takes ‘ownership’ of assigned task • Monitors and reconciles admin budget and tracks office expenditures • Functions as a corporate/commercial generalist under supervision of General Counsel • Supports deal structuring and drafting • Possesses intermediate expertise in transactional work • Ability to learn / issue-spot on new areas of law (e. vendors.