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Geometry Formulas: Surface Area & Volume
Guided By :
Mrs. Preeti Pathak
Surface Area & Volume

Presented By : Ashutosh Vikram Singh

That’s it! Surface Area & Volume . Substitute numbers for the variables and do the math. It tells you exactly what to do! All you have to do is look at the picture and identify the parts.A formula is just a set of instructions.

Surface Area & Volume .Cuboid A cuboid has 6 faces. The top and the bottom of the cuboid have the same area.

Volume.lb h Cuboid Total surface area – 2(lb+bh+lh) square units Diagonal of the cuboid = l 2  b2  h2 units Area of four walls of a room = 2(l+b)h squire units Surface Area & Volume .

Cube An investigation: To draw the nets of a cube to create cubes using paper and card Surface Area & Volume .

The Hexominoes Surface Area & Volume There are 11 of the Hexominoes that are also the nets of a cube. Try to find them .

The nets of a cube Surface Area & Volume .

a3 cubic units Total surface area – 6a2 square units Diagonal of the cube = 3 a units Surface Area & Volume .Cube Volume.

The length of the rectangle is the same as the circumference of the circle! Surface Area & Volume .Cylinder Imagine that you can open up a cylinder like so: You can see that the surface is made up of two circles and a rectangle.

Cylinder Volume.r2 Surface Area & Volume .r2h Total surface area – 2rh+ 2r2 Curved Surface area – 2rh Area of each end.

+ + = Surface Area & Volume .The Cone A Cone is a three dimensional solid with a circular base and a curved surface that gradually narrows to a vertex.

Cone 1 2 Volume.r h 3 Total surface area – rl+r2 = r(l+r) Sq unit Curved Surface area – rl Sq unit Slant height (l)2 = r2+h2 Surface Area & Volume .

Developing the Formula for the Sphere Surface Area & Volume .

Sphere 4 3 r 3 Surface area – 4r2 Volume- Surface Area & Volume .

such as a cone or pyramid. between two parallel planes cutting the solid. piece broken off.] Surface Area & Volume . • [Latin fr stum. frus·tums or frus·ta (-t ) Mathematics • The part of a solid. pl. especially the section between the base and a plane parallel to the base.Frustum • frus·tum (fr s t m) • n.

Frustum Volume  r 3 2 1  r22  r1r2 h  Lateral surface area – (r1+r2)l Total surface area – {(r1+r2)l+r12+r22} Slant height h 2  (r1  r2 ) 2 Surface Area & Volume .

Surface Area & Volume .