September 25, 2013

Director of Web Marketing & Social Media For Terra Marketing In-House Advertising Agency for Halstead Property & Brown Harris Stevens

10+ Years Experience Past Experience in Real Estate and Sports Marketing Manage/Direct Resources in a 23 member in-house marketing agency Represent Halstead Property & Brown Harris Stevens Leading privately held residential real estate firms in the NY Metro Area

Twitter – 28,000 followers Facebook – 18,000 likes YouTube – 5+ Million Views Instagram – 9,000 followers LinkedIn – Thousands of Staffmembers connected Thousands of followers on Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, and Flickr As of Sept 2013

In addition to Streeteasy, Realtor.com, NY Times.com, & Zillow In the Top 10 Sites - Referral Traffic to Halstead.com comes from…

Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Provides a way to further connect with your local clients, build trust, and spread your marketing through friends of friends.

It is free It has become a business norm for communicating Shows up high when someone “Googles” you It is two-way conversation Unlike traditional print marketing, social encourages conversation It is measurable (likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc.) It is in real time


NAR says 91% of realtors use social media
Jim Keenan, Social Sales Research, found 72.6% of salespeople who used social media for selling out-performed those not using

Content Was King Content Is Now Queen Conversation Is King

Focus On One Feature That is a Wow Factor in the House If there is nothing find the closest neighborhood geotargetted plus Include a link to the listing page always to drive traffic Include a photo of the home Be brief Engage them Be positive Talk local Give Value

Don’t just share a link and nothing interesting Don’t talk about the cost Only hint to draw a clickthru

#Social Mediums

By far the most popular & easiest medium for people to connect with their friends & family online

Ability to connect with your personal and business sphere of influence on an individual level. It allows you to share who you are which builds trust and allows you to monitor lifestyle changes of your sphere

1 in 5 page views are on facebook in the US 1.5 Billion Active Users 699 Million Log into Facebook Daily (Up 26% vs. 2012) 54% increase vs 2012 in active mobile users 25-45 makes up 40% of users, largest increase is 55+ demo Highest traffic is mid-week 12-2pm Highest Interactive Engagement is on Thursday & Friday

Average User has 229 Friends

Create a Business Page Away From Your Personal Page Add Professional Headshot/Business Photo and Neighborhood Cover Shot Post 1-2 Times A Day Comment / Share / Like 5 Times As Much as Posting

Great Images Are Most Engaging Content Video Blogs and Video Content Has Highest Emotional Value Become a Neighborhood Expert Don’t Hard Sell, but fold in promotion of your business/listings Try Facebook Geo-Targetted Ads and Promote Posts

#FacebookSuccess 1. Ask Questions

#FacebookSuccess 2. Fill In The Blank

#FacebookSuccess 3. Like vs. Share

#FacebookSuccess 4. Caption This

#FacebookSuccess 5. Wow Factor Photos 6. Fun Facts/Product Info

#FacebookSuccess 7. Photo Contests

iStabilizer $10 on Amazon

#FacebookSuccess 9. DIY Videos Speaking To Your Audience
Or Professional Videos Vendors Found at wellcomemat.com
Eco Fuse Lens Kit for Smart Phones $15-20 on Amazon

#FacebookSuccess 10. Trivia

#FacebookSuccess 11. Personal Success

#FacebookSuccess 12. Blog Lists

#FacebookSuccess 13. Local Tips

Best Places to _____ Best Places to Eat Best Places to Shop Best Deals in Stores Historic Spots Local Events & Festivals Local Sports Teams Local Charities Hidden Gems

Ability to speak outside your sphere of influence in real time Text Message with a BCC to the world It may be more difficult to see an immediate impact Creating content takes very little time


800 Million Users


200 Million Active


Added as many users over last 15 months comparable to last 5 years


340M Tweets Per Day

Largest Group on Twitter - 25-44 year olds • 24% of Twitter users are 25-34 years old • 22.5% of users are 35-44 years old


Average time spent on Twitter once logged on is 36 minutes

New York City City with Most Twitter Activity in World

New York City 2.6 Million Active Users

Brooklyn Has The Most Tweeting Per Square Mile in US

Basic Needs to Know
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Get attractive photo as background Mention Company Twitter name in bio Link to your agent page Mention the area you work as location Use same facebook professional headshot as avatar

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Follow those in your contacts or that are connected with you on facebook Follow your interests and news outlets Follow those you feel are your influencers Follow your fun outlets to keep it a mix of some light Follow my custom list created just for SIBOR @matthewjleone

# WaysToUse


Conversational Building Relationships from On to Offline Building a Network Fostering Those You Know Creating Those You Don’t

Be positive Give to get


Direct Message or DM those you know Reply if you want a larger audience to see that follows both of you Direct lines of public and private communication


Use as a marketing tool Automate using a Hootsuite or Tweetdeck Schedule posts throughout the day Use Twitterfeed for an RSS feed “Set it and forget it”


Follow your feed religiously to be in the know from those doing all the work Will help with clients as you are aware of all news & trending topics Smart phones must be utilized for this


Companies have their PR, Marketing, and Customer Service monitoring. If something is wrong and brought up on twitter, in effort to defuse they will go extra mile more than any other medium in hope that you will take positively about them In business and personal life don’t be afraid to speak your mind


Follow trending topics and join conversations Award shows, big events, big news stories Go to trends on our phone Twitterlator does trends by state and city

Pinspiration Traffic Driver Fastest Growing Medium Affluent, Older, Female Dominated Medium (70+% Women) 70 Million Users

Must Pin Great Photos Include Listing Price for Higher Likes Include Town & State for higher search results Pin from site rather than uploading a photo to draw to learn more Use descriptive text that best describes the home and photo

Create Community Boards Create Boards that describe your interests Create Boards highlighting best images you represent by area or room/image type

Next year smart phones will be our primary web tool beating our PC/Mac 100 million active users 40 million photos uploaded per day Quick way to share photo and get reaction

Show attractive or creative images only Great for details of homes Have to properly hashtag in description Be consistent in use of filters

#home #house #newhome #realestate #realtor #housing #homeowner #househunting #firsthome #(Insert City) #(Insert Type of Property) #(Insert Amenity)

If you want to do in 15 seconds or less highlight the best selling feature of the home

It is the Yelp for Real Estate Professionals, clients check your reviews/credentials Perfect place to farm your recommendations and endorsements Provides credibility to the agent

It is not the place for socially conversing in my opinion It is not the place for communication Remember, you connect with a real estate agent they might be able to see your network Only connect with past clients and friends/family


Video is now 54% of global web traffic

Cisco predicting that video will account for 90% of internet traffic by 2014

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Behind Google, in front of Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com

Video is the most shared content on Facebook

28% of Video Watching is on smart phones & tablets

Forecasting as large as 52%

2007 – Launch of Halstead ProperTV
US Companies were spending $140 Million for Local Video in their budgets

2012 – 1300 Videos, 5+ Million Total Views
AdWeek Projects $2 Billion to be spent in 2012 by end of year on Local Video

1400% Increase in 5 Years

It is Viral. It is Affordable. It Attracts the Foreign Buyer. It is Top Quality. It is Differentiating. It is Engaging. It is Effective. It is a Virtual Open House. It is a Virtual Pitch.





Most Watched Content on YouTube


Every King Needs a Castle Video
110,000 views in 6 days
Covered by hundreds of media outlets

How Good Are You?
Sign up at klout.com for your Klout Score measuring your social influence across all social mediums


By Matthew Leone
Portions of Works Cited Courtesy of: National Association of Realtors, Yahoo! Small Business, CB White Paper

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