A short band stand up collar adapted from the traditional Chinese collar.Mandarin Collars: Also known as the Chinese collar. .

notched collar – A two-piece collar that can be only worn open .

wedding-band collar – A collar featuring an ornate band fitting snugly on the neck. creating a choker effect. .

.wing collar – A collar with projections which cover shoulder seams of bodices and doublets.

ends hanging loose. round neckline with long scarf attached at center back. and one end looped over the other. brought around. .High.

Deep. flat collar that falls from neckline to shoulder opening at front or back .

A cape style oversized collar. .

pointed ends at front. long.Chelsea collar: Flat collar formed from a v-neckline. popular during 1960s and revived in 1980s .

A collar shaped like a dog's ears. . usually found on a drizzler jacket.

An oversized collar. . The collar employs a triangular piece draped over the shoulders.

Small. . flat collar frequently used on shirts and shirtwaist dresses.

Also called a polo collar. .A rib knit collar with a placket that has 2-3 buttons.

Flat round collar usually 2 to 3 inches wide. . having round ends. popular in children's wear.

Pierrot. .A very wide ruffled collar as worn by the French pantomime character.

Also called a middy collar.Patterned after collar worn by American sailors. square neck at back. . forming a 'v' at front. usually trimmed with braid and having detachable dickey and tie.

oversized collar.A scarf. wrap style. .

A soft roll collar cut with body of garment and seamed at back. . sometimes lapel section is notched.

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