VOCABULARY STRATEGIES – deducing word meanings without the use of the dictionary

CONTEXT CLUES – hints provided by the words and sentences surrounding the unfamiliar words STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS
 Word

part clues/word origin  Forming new words by combining prefixes, suffixes and roots


Context clues to word meanings

Nine bomb blast went off simultaneously in Belfast and five other cities: Newry on the border, Armagh; Londonderry; Portadown, the industrial city, and Lisburn, the Protestant northern enclave.
Which words in the sentence above serve as clues that may enable you to arrive at the meaning of went off?


Structural Analysis
 Word

origin Dutch West Indian Spanish Chinese Arabic German French Italian

Yacht Canoe Buffalo Silk Alcohol Poodle Chauffeur Opera

Word Origin

Sample: ignis – means fire ignite, ignition, igneous rocks

Study the Root words and their meanings ped, pod – foot Viv, vit – live Alt, altus – high Fort, fortis – strong Prim, primus – first pend – hang phone – sound omni – all port – bring vert - turn

Complete the word chart by writing the correct forms of words. If there is no equivalent form, write X. Noun diversity disburse remit capital transact Verb Adjective Adverb

Building Business Communication Vocabulary



Record the word whether you have time or not to get its meaning and the date you recorded it. Use a dictionary to find its meaning. There may be several meanings. Choose the one that best fits the sense in which you encountered the word. You can also record acronyms, which are part of the modern world jargon.

Building Business Communication Vocabulary

Once you have recorded the meanings, use the word in your own sentences. You may also record the sentence from which you have found the word.

Example: Meaning: JIT – just in time Original sentence: The whole philosophy of JIT argues that business should arrange their affairs so that they get everything just in time. Your own sentence: JIT lowers costs and raises the return on capital investment.

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