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Wh ich of the ro utin e r equests above wo uld y ou mo st l ik ely t o f ollo w quic kly ?

Point ers on Routi ne Request
A request is a routine if it does two things: 1. It does a task that is an essential part of the normal course of business. 2. You anticipate the reader or audience to comply.

Ti ps on makin g a Routi ne Request:  State the requests or main idea in the first sentence and let the explanation follow.  In the middle section, give the details of the request, also explain briefly how the reader/audience benefits if your request is granted.  Another way to write in the middle section is your series of questions.  End courteously by requesting for a specific response or an expression of appreciation or good will.

Compl ete the routi ne request bel ow. Please give me the list of employees that _____________ before noon today. Also include the minutes of the meeting taken in that meeting. It is important that you bring this to me the soonest possible time because _____ Thank you very much for the attention you’ve given to this request. Cynthia

Exe rcis e:
You need to do a library research work related to “Demands of Business Communication” as part of your preparation for an oral presentation. You write to the Chief Librarian to ask for the list of titles of updated Business Communication books recently published. You may also include an additional request for the librarian to keep the books and that any moment during the week you’ll visit the library and browse on the references. Use a whole sheet of yellow paper.

What is a Routi ne Request ?

To pics f or disc ussion next me eting:
 Cover letters  Resume  Letters of references

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