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Task 3 - Research into existing homeless charity posters/ promotional materials

Colors- The colors that have been used in this poster are very matching and warm. They could have been chosen to symbolize the warmth of the charity, the color of the poster seems to be based on the lighting of the candle illuminating the child's face, this could either symbolize or be a metaphor for hope. The colors are warm colors such as red with yellow undertones which makes the charity seem homely. However red and black could indicate danger, which again makes them appropriate for this poster as they child in the picture could be in danger. Imagery- The image used is of a child, the child's emotion is sad which fits well with the tone of the poster. There is also photo of a candle in the foreground of the poster which could be symbolic as representing the charity and its warmth. The photograph is of quite a young child so it appeals to the audience as it makes him seem vulnerable without the help of the charity. In the background of the photo there is also a post which is probably a bed post, showing that the charity can provide a bed and a warm place to stay for a child because of these three components in the poster, the child, the bed and the candle. Font- The font used in the poster is two different colors, one is white for the information part about the charity, and the other color is red because of the Shelter Scotland logo. The font is a plain and simple sans serif which is a popular choice for modern posters as it means the text is easier to read from farther away and more modern and informal. The font is also cleverly incorporated into what the charity does, as it has made the letter h look like a house, to symbolize shelter. Layout- The layout is simple and clear with one text box full of information and the charities logo over the top of the picture, the picture also has 3 different levels the blurred candle in the foreground of the image, the child in the middle which is focused as it is the central focus and the bed post blurred into the background. The copy/text- The text used in the poster is informative and factual, it isn't as persuasive as some other posters as the text doesnt use any emotive language or ask rhetorical questions it relies heavily on the image used to provide the emotional side for the audience. The text used provides the reader with what the charity is called, what it wants, why someone should help and how to help. The tone- the tone of the poster is sad, but almost uplifting at the same time because the child is pictured presumably after the charity has helped him as he is inside and the candle represents warmth, however his expression he is showing of sadness does give the poster a sad negative atmosphere. The tone of the actual writing is direct and factual not emotive or persuasive particularly.

Colors- The colors used on the SASH website are uplifting and bright. They also work well together and is all color coordinated. The charity could of chosen to use the color green as it can have a symbolic meaning of safety, so stand out to young people, they have also cleverly used the color red, by using it on one important button on the website the what do I do If I need help tonight? which lets someone who is using the website find it easier as it stands out compared to the usual white and green color scheme. The red also has connotations attached to it the same as the green used on the website, for example the red could symbolize danger as the young person might be in trouble if they need help straight away. Imagery- The images used on the website are either of volunteers such as the night stop volunteers pictured right. The images used on the website are all uplifting positive pictures of either happy welcoming volunteers or of young people the charity has helped when they were down. The majority of the pictures of either the volunteers or the young people, they are smiling and look happy and well. Font- The font used on the website is also clear and easy to read, the font is in alternating colors of green and white which fits in with the color scheme still. The font is also a sans serif which makes the website appear modern and in date, as well as making the text easier to read than if it was in serif. The font is also all the same even the charities logo name, which makes the website more consistent and look professional. The font is also in bold for sub headings and links at the top of the website making it easier for someone to navigate their self around the website.

Layout- The that the website has used makes it very easy for someone to navigate around the website. In the top right hand corner the charities logo is shown and the top left hand corner the emergency button for help is situated. Directly below this along the top of the website there is a navigation bar with a row of subheadings which drop down into more specific parts of the website. The copy/text- The text that the website uses is quite formal as it is letting people know professionally what the organization does. However the website does not use complex lexis as the website is aimed at young people so they need to understand the wording used on the website. The language used is very uplifting and factual about what the charity offers, their previous successes and facts and advice. The tone- The tone of the website is very positive as it doesnt focus on the negatives that young people will have experienced but instead on where they are now and what SASH has helped them do. The pictures are all very positive which helps the factual text also create an uplifting positive tone for the website.

Color- The color used on this promotional charity campaign poster is very minimal. There is a clear color scheme of black and blue. The charity uses the color blue for the font to stand out against the black font this works well as they have used it to highlight the most important information. The color of the blanket could also be symbolic as it is bright and stands out it could symbolize the help you can give a homeless man like Albert. Alternatively it could symbolize the only possession that the man really has, so we are drawn to it because it is in a bright color. Imagery- The images used in the poster is mainly to accompany the text as it is presumably the man which the text is about. The image is also vital to the poster because it can help the reader identify with the poster, as the picture Is of a fellow human being. As there is a plain background and little imagery apart from the photograph of the homeless man. Font- The font used in this poster is again a sans serif font, which means it is easy to read for the audience from far away. The font is also in black and blue which means the poster looks quite coordinated and professional. The font is also used in bold to emphasize certain chunks of writing, for example the story about Albert is emphasized in a bold font. However the smaller details about how someone will be charged is in a smaller font, this could be because the

Charity doesnt want to discourage someone from donating money via text, however it also could have been done because it doesnt fit on the poster in a bigger size. Layout- The layout of the poster is quite organized with the image on one side and the text clumped together so it is easy to follow and know which part of text to red next. The design and layout of this poster has been thought out cleverly as the logo of the charity is separate to the rest of the text and the website and face book and twitter tags homeless text. The copy/text- the text used on this poster is direct and factual, the poster states that Albert has slept rough for many years, they then state factually what the charity has done for him. The charity also uses factual information and contact details for the charity so people can get in touch after reading the story first. There is also a logo for the charity in the far left hand bottom corner. The tone- the tone of the charity campaign poster, is mostly positive as It is not focusing on the homeless mans life before as it is after, as he man looks happy and healthy in the picture, which is accompanied by the ext Thames Reach helped him turn his life around. The colors used in the picture and the background and color scheme also gives the poster a positive atmosphere as the colors are bright and uplifting associated with positivity, rather than negativity because of the connotations attached to the bright colors.

Colours- These are all campaign posters or promotional material for Simon on the Streets charity based in Leeds. The charity has chosen colour schemes that are all similar and loosely involve all the same colours in each poster. The writing on the first poster is in the colour black, this works well as it is bold and easy to read, contrasting well with the white background. However on the 2 posters underneath, they both have pictures as background images, as the images are fairly dark the designer of the website has chosen to use white writing but in the same font so the charity is still very recognisable. The white writing works well on both of these posters as it contrasts successfully with the darkness from both the images. The writing could also have symbolic meanings, as the colour white is often associated with hope and purity, the white could symbolise the charity and its good nature. The colour scheme of the photographs is heavily contrasted and dark which gives the posters a depressing dark feel. Imagery- The images used are mainly of homeless people, the photographs are meant to be emotive and appeal to the audiences emotions. The photos also cleverly work with the text, for example in the second poster the writing says Leave nothing unwrapped this Christmas and the photograph next to it is a man wrapped in foil sleeping rough. Similar to the third poster which has had the photograph they have used cleverly edited to make it look as if the man is zipped to the street with the words no rough sleeper should be stuck on the streets because the man looks literally stuck to the streets. Another interpretation of the poster could be that the edited zip on the pavement is actually symbolising the mans sleeping bag showing that he has no possessions and only the rough street to sleep on. Font- The font the designers have used has worked really well as it has an effect on it that looks like the street, as some of the colour is worn off or faded around the edges, which makes it look grungy/dirty and similar to the look of bricks. The font colour is white on the photographs to make it stand out and on the logo the font is black to make it stand out against the white background. Layout- The layout of the posters that include photographs is quite similar, the image is used as the back ground and the text is placed over a clear area so It is easy to read, for example on the second poster the text is placed over a blank area, such as the bricks and on the third poster the text is placed over the mans coat, so you can still see his face and expression. On both of the bottom poster the layout is very similar, the logo is in the bottom right hand corner and the contact details for the charity, such as the website is placed in the left hand corner. The copy/text- The language used in the text is mainly declarative statements, with clever meanings that work well with the text. The text also includes important contact information for the organisation as well as the logo so it is easy recognisable. The tone- The tone that these posters are portraying is a dark, sad depressing tone because of the use of the images. However