Ideas to solve Bangalore’s Traffic & related issues.

( Need of enhancing / re-designing public transport especially BMTC Volvo buses , and ways to do that.)

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A comparison of 8 year back situation to current one to gauge change.
• 8 years before we could reach electronic city from any part of BTM/JP Nagar in 1015 minutes. Now it takes minimum 1 hour

A comparison of 8 year back situation to current one to gauge change.
• 8 years before an ambulance could reach St.Johns Hospital from JP Nagar in less than 5 minutes and now it is minimum 30 minutes.

Why we have such a huge change ??
• IT revolution combined with Off shoring, with no administrative planning in terms of Infrastructure or traffic ( They did have vision of extending city around electronic city and ITPL)

Why we have such a huge change ??(Contd..)
• Unlike Few Central Government companies or Reliance for certain extent, IT companies have difficulties in planning for housing colonies convenient to their work place.

Why we have such a huge change ??(Contd..)
 90% of people have their home in 10 –25 km distance from their work place.  In 90% of the cases , IT employees can not commute comfortably between home and office by a single bus.

Why we have such a huge change ??(Contd..)
 Since Public Transport administration could not assess new requirements due to IT revolution, People had no choice but to buy & use private vehicles.  Huge increase on private vehicles especially cars contributed heavily to traffic woes.

Current Efforts : Benefits & short comings.
 Fly over : This created good impact in many places. But at the same time in good number of cases, it just shifted the problem to next junction.

Current Efforts : Benefits & short comings ( Contd..)
 Metro rail : Bangaloreans dream this could be a solution to all of their traffic issues.  Looking at the current plan how many people can travel home to office only depending on metro rail ??.  This again force 99% IT guys to travel on personal vehicles.

Current Efforts : Benefits & short comings( Contd..).
 IT Company Bus transportation : IT company buses are scheduled to their office timings ( e.g 8.30 am – 5.30 pm ).  But most of the employees ( 75%+ ) follow different timings ( e.g 10 am-7pm ).  There are few cases where in only 15 people uses a 50 seat company bus.

Related facts : Banglore’s spending on vehicle fuel
• Bangalore’s IT employee strength is around 400000. • And around 60000 people are using own car and rest of the people ( around 340000) are two wheeler users( Figures based on very logical assumptions )

Related facts : Banglore’s spending on vehicle fuel ( Contd..)
• A car user spends around Rs.3500/month.Monthly spending of 60000 people is around Rs. 210,000,000. • A bike user spends around Rs.1000/month. Monthly spending of 340000 people is around Rs. 340,000,000.

Related facts : Banglore’s spending on vehicle fuel ( Contd.. )
• Total IT employee spending in Bangalore only for 1 month becomes Rs. 210,000,000 + Rs. 340,000,000 = Rs. 550,000,000. • Yearly spending would be Rs.6,600,000,000 • Don’t you think this is a huge spending ???. • If we can avoid this situation, wouldn’t it be huge saving for Personal wealth / Nation’s wealth and ultimately for fuel resources for future generation???

Related facts : Non-monitory disadvantage of using private vehicles.
• Increase density of traffic. • Pollutes air and in turn it affect individual health. • It damages atmosphere and results in issues like Global warming.

Related facts : Non-monitory disadvantage of using private vehicles(Contd..)
• Oil reservoirs in this world is drying. Future generation will blame us for un-ethical exploitation of existing fuel. • When you are in traffic, you are experiencing lot of stress without your conscious and it damages heavily mental & physical health ( back pain has direct relation to mental stress. )

Related facts : How our Off shoring competitor on this
• Chinese cities are comparable to European or American cities • In Chinese cities private vehicles are highly taxed and only few very rich people can use personal vehicle in the city. • They have peaceful travel due to highly efficient public transport.

General Solutions
 Optimize BMTC Volvo bus service to maximize usage of it, targeting minimal usage of private vehicles.

Steps to achieve this
• Data for plan : Companies should collect Office Home Locations of it’s employees and provide it to Government / BMTC
• ( If you require a ( .net ) intranet application for this purpose, please contact for details. If you do not have genuine interest, please do not send mails to this id. )

• Connect all IT Parks to all residential places by BMTC Volvo buses ( If this is not possible completely, BMTC should make minor deviations in their route during 8.30 – 11.30 and 17.00 – 21.30 to pass through nearest IT parks) • Display Volvo bus timings in all public places ( Notice board/lift lobbies/ canteen ) of IT companies and IT parks • Provide monthly passes to major IT institutions ( Please exempt tax for these monthly passes )

How this can be practical ?
• This presentation should be circulated extensively in bangalore through e-mails. • Right people ( with Power Influence & interest ) should be contacted for this.

People who can help
• 1) Chief Minister/Transport Minister & Officials in Transport Department (phone numbers are available in • 2) BMTC Head & other top executives( Phone Number / e-mail ids are available in ) • 3) Location managers in IT organizations ( Your manager / HR will be able to help you to find correct person.)

People who can help ( Contd..)
• 4) MLAs / MPs in Banglore ( Could not find any weblink. Please refer BSNL Telephone directory. ) • 5) Media ( Success of this heavily depends on media campaign ) • 5.1) Times of India ( • 5.2) Decan Hearald ( )

People who can help ( Contd..)
• TV Channels & Other popular internet news sites. • Radio ( )

• 6) Top Government Officials ( E-mail ids
are available in )

• Few Benefits
– Freedom from Traffic Hell – Faster transportation. – Fuel resources are saved for future generation – Pollution free world and better health.
– Money saving for the individual and for nation.

Expected Actions
• We need to popularize this message
– Need to dream about benefits. – People should volunteer to contact right people – Companies should spend some time to create employee home and travel location information. can collect and

present this data to government or BMTC. ( Only responsible people with right role please contact on this mail )

Schedule Information of BMTC Volvo buses
• For detailed schedule of volvo buses , click on the “Route No” links from o.htm

Some Very Good Sites
• •

Let us make a smart move together.

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