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Herzlich Willkommen - Welcome

German Information Session for New Parents

The German Team

Claudia Walther-Griffo Bettina von Bodisco Nicole Bunk Stefanie George Doris Taverna Claudia Glass

The German Program

- KG & grade 1 German taught in class Advanced as pull-out

The German Program

- Grade 2, 3, 4, 5 German taught in different ability groups (Basic, Developing, Advanced)

German Grouping
BASIC: Introduction to the German language Developing: BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) Advanced:
CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency)

The German Program

- Link with Units of Inquiry - 4 Unit per year

First Units in German

Who we are

Grade 1
Who we are

Grade 2
Who we are

Grade 3
Where we are in time and place
Historical evidence allows us to make sense of how past civilzations shape how we live today.

Grade 4
Who we are

Grade 5
How we organize ourselves
Media affect how we access, process and share information.

Our kindergarten community has Individuals who share common goals.

Every individual learns in a different way.

Being healthy depends on the choices we make.

Every individual has a role to play within a community.

Learning Logs
Every two weeks, students will be given a German learning log. Homeroom learning logs and German learning logs are given on alternate weeks.

Factors which influence language learning

[Language] learners who have highly developed language skills (such as reading, writing and richness of vocabulary) in their native language will most likely find that these skills facilitate second language acquisition, though this has been less explored in L3 learners. (Tracey Tokuhama, 2013)

Ten Key Factors which influence language learning

1. Timing (Windows of Opportunity) 2. Aptitude 3. Motivation 4. Strategy 5. Consistency 6. Opportunity and support (home, school, community) 7. Linguistic and historic relationship between languages 8. Siblings 9. Gender 10. Hand-use as a reflection of cerebral dominance for languages
Please find Tracey Tokuhamas speech and her PowerPoint slides with links to lectures on YouTube on our blogs:

Libraries and Book Stores

Lower School Library

Offers a growing selection of German books

Lower School Library German National Geographic - Kids

German Department
First readers available in German Honor System Available close to Viki Stieberts office

Wdenswil Bcherei -Library Card -The Wdenswil library supports our school by providing books by topic
Wdenswil Bibliothek Schnenbergstrasse 21 Postfach 483 8820 Wdenswil 10 Franken annual fee for a childs library card

Kinderbuchladen Oberdorfstrasse 32 8001 Zrich Telefon: 044 265 30 00

Orell Fssli, Kramhof Fsslistrasse 4 8001 Zrich

German Blog

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All German teachers will now be available in their classrooms.