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Unbreakable Linux
Wim Coekaerts, VP Linux Engineering, Oracle
Monica Kumar, Senior Director Linux Product Marketing, Oracle

• Linux – The way forward

• Why Oracle and why now?
• What is Unbreakable Linux?
• What are the opportunities for Partners?
• Q&A

• Linux – The way forward

• Why Oracle and why now?
• What is Unbreakable Linux?
• What are the opportunities for Partners?
• Q&A
Linux – The Way Forward

• Linux is the fastest growing Server

operating system as per many industry
reports. As per IDC (report published on
Dec. 6, 2006):
• Linux Server Sales will hit $9.1 Billion in 2008
• Revenue from Linux servers is expected to grow
annually at 22.8 percent, compared to 3.8 percent
for the overall server market.
• Linux servers should account for 25.7 percent of
server unit shipments in 2008, up from 15.6
percent in 2003.
Linux Grows Global


Gas Natural Telstra

• Linux server shipments in 2005
• Asia up 47%
• North America up 38%
• Europe up 23%

Source: Worldwide Linux 2004-2008 Forecast, IDC, Dec. 2004

Linux By Industry

Industry Penetration
High Tech 92%
Education 87%
Telecom 81%
Retail 78%
Government 69%
Manufacturing 53%
Healthcare 52%
Transportation/Utilities 43%

Source: Evans Data Corp.

Oracle Linux Momentum

• Oracle Database - $1.2 billion revenue in Calendar

Year 2005 as per Gartner (2006 numbers not out yet)
• Oracle Database is #1 on Linux with more than 80%
market share (Gartner)
• More than 50% of Oracle Fusion Middleware sales
last year were on Linux
• More than 30% of all Oracle E-Business Suite 11i
shipments are on Linux
• Oracle On Demand runs Linux, serving 250,000+
users in more than 30 countries

• Linux – The way forward

• Why Oracle and why now?
• What is Unbreakable Linux?
• What are the opportunities for Partners?
• Q&A
Oracle’s Investment in Linux
1998 Oracle first commercial database on Linux
• Other ISV’s then began porting their applications to Linux
1999 Investments in multiple Linux startups
• Red Hat, Miracle Linux, VA Linux
2002 Contributes cluster file system to Linux
• Key enabling technology for high-performance Linux grids
Unbreakable Linux program
• Oracle commits to fix Priority 1 Linux Bugs
• Oracle gives Free Linux patches to customers and vendors
2004 Oracle sponsors Linux security certification
• Linux gets certified by government for use in secure
2002 Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support

• Dedicated Linux engineering teams

• Contribute software to the Linux community
• Help make Linux faster, more reliable and more secure
• Dedicated Linux support teams
• Free support for Linux customers running Oracle
• Free Priority 1 (P1) bug fixes from Oracle
Key Linux Issues Remained
• Enterprise support unavailable from Linux vendors
• Bug fixes are slow and in the future
• Slows movement of mission critical applications to Linux
• Support from leading Linux vendors is expensive
• $1499 per year for a 2 processor server
• High cost slows broader Linux adoption
• No intellectual property indemnification
• SCO lawsuit creates uncertainty around intellectual
property risk
• Slows Linux adoption at many large customers
Why Is Oracle Providing Linux Support?

• Linux is strategic to Oracle’s future

• We sell a lot of our software running on Linux
• Linux provides an open standards alternative
• Oracle understands enterprise support
• More than 30 years supporting enterprise customers
• Efficient, low cost provider
• A strong Linux market creates more opportunity
• Oracle differentiates on superior support, not product

• Linux – The way forward

• Why Oracle and why now?
• What is Unbreakable Linux?
• What are the opportunities for Partners?
• Q&A
Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support

• Enterprise-class support for the Linux OS

• Available to any customer; not just Oracle users

• Dedicated development, test, and delivery teams

• Backed by world’s largest software support team

• Ready 24x7 in 145 countries and 27 languages

• x86 and x86-64 (AMD and Intel) architectures

Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support
• Open source software; not a new Linux distribution

• Terminology

• Enterprise Linux = Software

• Unbreakable Linux = Support Program
• Tracks Red Hat product releases

• Freely available source and binaries

• Enterprise-Quality Support At Lower Price

Making Linux Better

Support Levels
• Network Support
• Access to Unbreakable Linux Network software and updates
• Basic Support
• Software and updates
New! • Management Pack for Linux
• Log service requests via Web or phone, 24x7
• Premier Support
• Software and updates
• Management Pack for Linux
• Log service requests via Web or phone, 24x7
• Backport of fixes to currently supported software versions
• Lifetime support

• Indemnification for intellectual property claims

raised against our customers
• Available to all Oracle-supported customers
• Network, Basic and Premier
• Includes damages, liabilities, costs and expenses
awarded by courts
• Not limited to the amount of money paid by
the customer
Price Comparison
Oracle Red Hat

Installable Binaries FREE Fee Based

Network Access $99 Not Available

(Patches and Updates)

Basic Limited (better than $399 $799

RHEL ES Support; 2 or less (limited features, limited hours)
Basic (equivalent to RHEL AS $999 $2,499
Premium Support; More than
2 CPUs)
Premier Limited $1,199 No equivalent support
2 or less CPUs
Premier (More than 2 CPUs) $1,999 No equivalent support
Unbreakable Linux Support

• Switch to Oracle Linux support takes just minutes

• Purchase support online –
• One-click download of Oracle’s up2date

• Oracle products continue to be certified on:

• Red Hat Enterprise Linux
• Novell SUSE Linux
• Asianux Linux

• Linux – The way forward

• Why Oracle and why now?
• What is Unbreakable Linux?
• What are the opportunities for Partners?
• Q&A
Early Endorsers
What’s The Opportunity?

• Support/Certify your solution with the

Unbreakable Linux Program
• Join the Linux Initiative on OPN for added visibility
• Resell Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support
• Embed Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support
• Internal Use
Support/Certify Your Application

• No additional certification needed as Oracle

Enterprise Linux is fully compatible with Red Hat
Enterprise Linux
• Check out the following document which shows
Linux Enterprise Applications Porting
(LEAP) Center
LEAP Center - Services

• Oracle Technology Adoption / Migration / Upgrade

- Oracle Database e.g. SQL Server to Oracle DB
- Oracle Fusion Middleware DB2 to Oracle DB
- MySQL to Oracle DB
Oracle RAC Sybase to Oracle DB
- Forms Migration
- J2EE Migration WebSphere to Oracle FMW
- WebLogic to Oracle FMW
C/S to n-tier Architecture JBoss to Oracle FMW

• Cross-platform Porting and Testing Oracle 9i DB to 10g

Oracle 9i AS to 10g AS

• Technology / Architecture Validation, POC assistance.

High Availability
Fault Tolerance
• Testing on Oracle RAC 10g environment. Scalability

• Expert Technical assistance for Performance Tuning.

• On-site or Remote access to hardware and resources.

Value for ISVs
• Absolutely no-charges to qualified ISVs

• Access to migration experts, state-of-the-art hardware and

knowledge base

• Access to online Oracle University courses and hands-on GTMi


• Joint regional publicity, marketing and lead generation opportunities

with Oracle and platform partners

• Solutions Catalog listing and other OPN benefits

• Attractive discount on hardware, sizing and deployment assistance

through platform partners

• Cross-platform Porting and Testing

Eligibility and Getting Started

2. Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) membership

3. ISV’s willingness to migrate to Oracle technology stack

50% discount on first year OPN membership fee for new ISV

Send an email to with

- contact information
- application overview
Join Oracle’s Linux Initiative
• Join Oracle’s Linux Initiative
• Complete your profile in the Solutions Catalog
indicating support for Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux
• List “Oracle Enterprise Linux” as a supported OS
on your web site
• Benefits
• Be among the first to get visibility in Oracle’s
industry-wide Linux messaging
• Get exposure to Oracle sales teams and customers

• Be considered for inclusion in Oracle PR activities

and events
Why Resell and/or Embed

• New sales opportunity

• Large support contracts for existing customers
• Support contracts for new customers
• Support can be sold to customers who aren’t running
Oracle today
• Trusted advisor; enhanced customer satisfaction
• Lower support costs for your customer
• Reduced complexity
• Provide complete software stack support
Reselling Unbreakable Linux Support

• Contracts and Ordering Documents

• Distribution Agreement addendums
• Partner ordering documents (currently available in
English only)
• Pricing available on Oracle PartnerNetwork
• Support can be sold in 1or 3 year terms
• > Sales > Pricing Information
• Linux Support policies available on Oracle
• > Sales > Resell Support
Linux as a Development Platform

• Free installable binaries (software)
• Free access to patches and updates
• Register with Unbreakable Linux Network, using
CSI number;
• Product support benefits similar to those
offered for Database
• Contact Oracle for details today
• > Support > Support Benefits
Linux For Internal Use

• Download Oracle Enterprise Linux if you don’t

already have Red Hat Enterprise Linux
• Switch to Oracle Unbreakable Linux support
• Lower the cost of running your business

Available Globally Now

• Linux – The way forward

• Why Oracle and why now?
• What is Unbreakable Linux?
• What are the opportunities for Partners?
• Q&A
Commonly Asked Questions

• Is Oracle EL4 compatible with RHEL4?

• Will my application run unmodified on EL4?
• How do you keep in-sync with Red Hat
• Will Oracle continue to support other Linux
How Do I Fully Engage with Oracle on
Linux ?
• Include “Oracle Enterprise Linux” as a
supported operating system on your web site
• Complete your profile in the Oracle Solutions
Catalog indicating your support for Oracle
Enterprise Linux
• Join the Linux Initiative for added visibility
• Sign-up to resell/embed Oracle Unbreakable
Linux Support
Partner Enablement Centers

Center Contact Person Contact Details

Linux Enterprise Applications Ramesh Rajaraman Mobile : +65-81127030

Porting (LEAP Center), Singapore Senior Manager Email :
Technology Partner
Development, URL :
Applicable for Australia/ Oracle Corporation
New Zealand, ASEAN, India
Shenzhen Software Park Oracle Linda Lin Mobile : +86-13924183322
Competency Center, Shenzhen ISV Manager Email :
Technology Partner
Applicable for China, Hong Kong, Development URL :
Korea, Taiwan Oracle Corporation
Next Step….

• For further information on

• migrating your solutions on to Linux OS
• Support on Linux OS
• Participation in Linux Initiatives

Please contact :
• country partner development managers
More Information

• Oracle PartnerNetwork
• Linux Page
• Linux Technology Center
• Enterprise Linux Download

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