DoL Veterans Employment & Training Service Conference
August 1, 2006
Bryant Monroe Office of Economic Adjustment Department of Defense

Office of Economic Adjustment
• • • • Created in 1961 Office of the Secretary of Defense Helped More Than 400 Communities & States Professional Staff Trained in Economic Development & Local Adjustment Planning • One-on-One Project Manager Support to Communities • Close Coordination with Military Departments

DOD Homeless Liaison
OEA Serves as DOD Staff liaison for: • U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness • Department of Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee on Homeless Veterans • Department of Housing and Urban Development (Special Needs Programs)

Galena FOL Eielson AFB Elmendorf AFB Kulis AGS

Major BRAC 2005 Actions*
Grand Forks AFB

McChord AFB

Umatilla CD Mt. Home AFB

Selfridge Army Activity Gen. Mitchell ARS

Brunswick NAS

Niagara Falls IAP AGS W.K. Kellogg AGS Great Lakes NS Willow Grove NAS Rock Is. Arsenal Pittsburgh IAP AGS Deseret CD Ft. Monmouth Newport CD DFAS Denver  Aberdeen PG Crane NSA Concord NWS  Ft. Riley DFAS Ft. Carson  Ft. Meade Army Res. Pers. Ctr. Ctr.  Onizuka AFS Ft. Knox  Nat’l Geospace-IAA Riverbank AAP Ft. Lee Kansas AAP  Ft. Monroe  Bethesda NNMC China Lake NAWS  Walter Reed AMC Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB NCR Leased Space Ft. Sill Little Rock AFB Barstow MCLB Cannon AFB    NDW Ventura City NB  Ft. Belvoir San Diego NMC Sheppard AFB Athens NSCS  Quantico MCLB Red River AD Lone Star AAP Broadway Complex Maxwell AFB  Benning Ft. Atlanta NAS Mississippi AAP  Ft. Bliss Ft. McPherson  Eglin AFB Ft. Gillen Orange NRC Pensacola NAS Pascagoula NS  NAS Jacksonville New SYMBOL KEY Ingleside NS Orleans NSA Brooks CB Base Closure Corpus Christi NAS Lackland AFB Realignment  Ft. Sam Houston  Growth
OEA 02/06

*As defined by the BRAC Commission

Key Statute Dates
~ November 9, 2005 - Date of Approval ~ December 2006 - DoD/Federal property screening begins ~ May 2006 - Surplus property notification ~ June-August/November 2006 - LRA Outreach to homeless providers ~ May/August 2007 - Redevelopment plan completed ; submit to DoD/HUD ~ May/August 2008 - Property disposal decision

DOD Support for Community Role
• OSD/Military Service/Community Conference (May, 2006) • LRA recognition as single POC • Provide technical and financial assistance for community base reuse planning • Assist the LRAs to conduct homeless screening and work with HUD staff.

LRA Recognition Status
• 140 BRAC facilities will have real property that is surplus to the Federal Government. • 111 Local Redevelopment Authorities designated to date. • For information on specific sites, see Federal Register Notices on OEA Website, (includes name of facility, LRA name, and point of contact information).

Surplus Determinations
• Start at • On Homepage (lower left), find links:
– Army – Navy – Air Force

• Base Realignment and Closure or BRAC • BRAC Surplus Property Notices

Homeless Assistance Process
1. Community Solicits Notices of Interest from Homeless Providers 2. Homeless Providers respond 3. Community works with interested Homeless Providers to balance need for economic adjustment and the needs of the homeless 4. Community prepares Redevelopment Plan which indicates what, if any, resources will be made available to Homeless Providers

Homeless Assistance Process
5. Community submits redevelopment plan and homeless submission to HUD for review 6. HUD notifies Military Department of its determination (Acceptable/Deficient) 7. Military Department takes HUD determination, disposes of property

Homeless Assistance Process
Resources Provided to Assist the Homeless
– Real Property/Buildings – Personal Property
• Equipment (beds/furnishings/computers/etc) • Vehicles • Machinery and Equipment

– Funding or Other Off-Site Accommodations

Getting Started: Resources
• Responding to Change • HUD Guide: Military Base Reuse and Homeless Assistance • OEA Website: “BRAC 2005 Recognized LRAs” (on left side of homepage)

More Information
Bryant Monroe Project Manager Office of Economic Adjustment 703.604.5150