Incorporated in August 24, 1910 Annual turnover stood at $7 billion Renamed ITC Limited in 2001 Employs over 29,000 people at more than 60 locations across India World's Best Big Companies, Asia's 'Fab 50' World's Most Reputable Companies by Forbes magazine



MISSION  To  In enhance the wealth generating capability a globalising environment superior and sustainable stakeholder  Delivering value. .

VISION  Sustain  One ITC's position of India's most valuable corporations world class performance  Through  Creating  For growing value the Indian economy and the Company's stakeholders. .

VALUES  Trusteeship  Customer  Respect Focus for people  Excellence  Innovation  Nature Orientation .

No. 1 in Profitability . 2 in Size No.

ITC HOTELS  Launched in 1975 .The Greenest Luxury Hotel Chain in the World India's second largest hotel chain Pioneered the concept of 'Responsible Luxury' in the hospitality industry   .

BRANDS OF HOTELS CATEGORY LUXURY BRAND ITC Hotel: Luxury Collection POSITIONING “Mansions of Luxury” UPPER UPSCALE WelcomHotel:Sheraton “Passion for Quality” UPSCALE.MID SCALE Fortune Hotels “Promise of True Value” “Unique Experiences” HERITAGE WelcomHeritage .

Reservation • Sales department Profit Centre • F&B department/manager .Responsibility Centre Cost Centre • Laundry Engineered cost Centre • Engineering • Maintenance • Training and accounting Discretionary cost Centre • Human Resource Revenue Centre • Room.

Q-1 Outline the management control system at ITC HOTELS ? .

namely:         Food and Beverages Production Food and Beverages Service Front Office Housekeeping Engineering Sales Finance Human Resource . a FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATIONAL  The organizational structure at ITC Hotels consists of eight functional departments.Organizational structure  ITC Hotels follows STRUCTURE.


Q-2 How do ITC assure that after having so many department there is optimum co-ordination between the department? .

.Attributes on which employees are rated  Likert scale of 1 to 5  Representing a behaviour or a skill  Score is further multiplied to the weights  Scores for each attribute is finally added.

JOB KNOWLEDGE Punctuality Skills Attendance Efficiency Initiative Attitude towards work Responsibility Co-operation .

Factor Rating Method SCORE OBSERVATION RATING RECOMMENDATIONS 0-25 Re Rating Poor Worker File needs to be built 25-60 Needs further input Average Worker One increment 60-80 Needs to be groomed Should be retained Good Two increments 80-100 Excellent Three increments/Promotion .

Balanced Score Card  Customer Perspective  Internal Processes Perspective  Financial Perspective  Employee Perspective  Social Perspective .

Q-3 Is the method used by ITC for performance management appropriate for their control systems? .

CULTURE  PARTICIPATIVE  Promotes  Offers STYLE of management diversity equality of opportunity to all employees of partnerships  Culture A discrimination-free workplace .

Q-4 How important role does the organizational culture play in ITC Hotels control process? .

Six Sigma Control Systems  WOW Ratios Areas  Model  Process Line Charts .

Q-5 Should ITC modify any of their control systems? .

Key Performance Indicators Currently used  Hotels/rooms in operation  Hotels/rooms under development  Occupancy  RevPAR(Revenue Per Available Room)  Service cost per room Proposed  F&B Revenue per night  Revenue per staff member  Expenditure per staff member  Energy expenditure per night  Guest satisfaction  Staff efficiency  Quality leisure services. .

training and development needs .Service Blueprinting  Map or a diagrammatic representation of service delivery process  Helps in identifying recruitment.

 Make department managers part of the planning process .Budgeting Improvements  introduction of Zero Based Budgeting  Gives hotel operators the flexibility to create different scenarios and associate each expense as it relates to the business  General Managers must involve all departments when preparing monthly forecast and annual budgets.


Group Members  Yesha Shah-12BSP1427 Zainab Saherwala-12BSP1432 Yashika Jain-12BSP1425 Avinash Kumar-12BSP1499    .

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