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Discussions: 1.

Identify the issues/ problems that may affect

the faculty in the implementation of tasks,

responsibilities and expectations 2. Solutions that can be

proposed 3. How can we improve the performance to an above 50% level

The topics that are about to be presented were discussed and analyzed by a group of people who have been exposed in working with different work environments and varying types of leaders and managers. These people are now working in one department (CON). Some insights or situations that will be presented already happened or prone to happen in the said department. The group does not intend to criticize anyone. No personal matters were included in arriving to the results of the said discussion. The discussion is solely focused on the work ethics of the employees connected in the CON. We are all professionals. Let us all remember what it means as we listen to the discussion.

Important Notice

1. Identify the issues/ problems that may affect the faculty in the implementation of tasks, responsibilities and expectations
1. Poor compensations being released by the HR (compensations, salary and deduction computations, delayed signing of contracts, and checking of attendance).

2. Inconsistencies with regards to the information 3. Limited resources for the department. 4. No FREE in-service education or training.
5. Unclear expectations from colleagues.

6. Poor leaderships and managerial skills of the program heads.


Poor Compensations
Give additional incentives for those with advisory classes.

Full time contractual faculties must have same privilege with

regular employees. Spearheading a college activity must have a monetary compensation based on the success of the event brought by the team. The head of the college must be able to justify and fight for the needs being asked by the group to the school administration. Take NO for an answer and look for solutions to meet halfway the plan of the administration with the request of the workers.

Inconsistencies with regards to the information being released by the HR

HR must conduct orientation regarding school policies to the workers ahead of time or before the Academic Year starts and be consistent
about the implementation of rules and regulation.

Must be honest in explaining the reasons behind deductions from the salary and be able to justify it well to the employees.
Must be more knowledgeable in doing their job.

Limited Resources For The Department

Provide additional

multimedia projectors and PCs with Windows software together with a printer with enough ink
for the entire academic year.

White board markers and ink refills, staplers, punchers, highlighters and other important office supplies must be included in the faculty kit. Another AC must be provided in the office with no scheduled time
for its use.

Each row of tables must have at least 2 electric fans. There should be a pantry with a sink wherein workers can eat or store their food in a fridge.

No FREE In-Service Education or Training

Provide a budget for staff development or for everyone to attend essentials seminars that can enhance the skills of all workers.

Unclear Expectations From Colleagues

Open communication in the workplace.
Provide a venue for the workers wherein they can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the group. together in a certain task. Workers who has a longer number of years in experience in the job should not be a burden to their colleagues instead they should be role models or inspiration for the younger group to be better in their work.

Expectations must be laid out between two working parties that will work

Never accept a task that you cannot do. Be humble enough to decline a work which you think is beyond your capacity. Inquire about your work performance to the program heads or the HR. If you have a poor yet justifiable work performance, try to venture to other
careers which you are more effective. Never put the quality of education being provided by the school to the students at stake.

Poor Leaderships and Managerial Skills of the Program Heads.

Programs Heads must review the basic concepts of leadership and management. PH must be flexible and must adapt to change easily. PH must inspire and encourage the rest of the team to do better in their work by showing the qualities of a competent and excellent worker. PH must be a good liaison officer. PH must possess the technical, human and conceptual skills of manager and leader.

Thank You