Managing Your Boss

“The Big Daddy of All Bosses”
My Boss, Mr.T.Muralidharam, (Chairman, TMI Network)

Presented By Rajesh Kumar, General Manager, TMI First

Do Bosses Need Managing?
• Velusamy Lingaiah : The 5ft 2” tiger who was my first boss taught me a couple of things:
– – The Smart Work vs Hard Work Myth (Smart work never Pays) The Inaccessibility Myth (The boss need not be inaccessible to prove that he is the Boss) The Flexi-Timing Myth (Sticking to routine is an essential part of corporate life) The “You are only an Asst. Manager Myth” (Every employee is powerful, designations are irrelevant)

Is Your Boss Worth Managing?
Toxic Vs Normal Boss Behavior
• • • • • • • • Is inconsistent and unpredictable so you can never be sure what they will say or do. Has a low tolerance of provocation and be known for their moodiness. Appears self-indulgent and often deeply selfish. Displays a total lack of long-term planning for future eventualities for themselves, their staff or their product. Frequently appears restless, seeming to become bored easily and unable to pay attention. Has learning problems reflected in the fact they may have few educational qualifications. Shows poor emotional control causing them to shout, weep, sulk and gush with little embarrassment or control. Places little value on skills and despise attempts by staff to upgrade their skills

What Do You Do If You Have A Toxic Boss

Good Guy But Bad Boss: How Do You Manage? Responses From My Team
Why do you need to Manage your Boss?

How To Manage Your Boss?

•For conducive, stress-free work environment. •For organizational growth and benefits. •So that he continues to be a leader , mentor and a friend. •To get challenging assignments with greater responsibility. •So that my efficiency in noticed in time. •Lesser work pressure. •Managing Boss well implies that there will be faster career progression.

• • • • • • •

Putting in our best efforts. By knowing our priorities at work place. Understand his style of functioning. Open channel of communication. By taking responsibilities. Hard work By Taking Initiative, being pro-active

Expert Opinions on Boss Management.1

• Decisions:
– If you do not want a 'no' or procrastination, give him/her a hand.

• Manage her time:
– You may represent only 1% of her problems, don't make it as if it is 100%.

• Seeking Opinion:
– don't ask if you don't need his/her opinion.

• Share Information:
– Not Data, data is not information. Cut Gyan talk more in numbers.

Expert Opinions on Boss Management.2 • Problems:
– Most problems should have solutions.

• Assumptions:
– Its usually the mother of all #### ups in life. Please don’t assume!

• Deliver:
– That which you have promised, else, keep your trap shut.

• Trust:
– Sloppy documentation kills trust

Sage Speak To Sulking Employees
• First, be fair!
– Bosses have a lot to put up with - like you for instance! Remember that the Boss is also a human being.

• Shift Perspectives!
– Once in a while look at your ideas (especially ones that were thrown out) from your Boss’s perspective. Life usually becomes a lot simpler.

• Learn how to complain
– Be objective crisp and clear, refrain from sentiments.

• Keep 'em in line!
– Ask your boss to make specific commitments to you - no matter how small. – Remind your boss that he or she is making a COMMITMENT to you. – Follow up when your boss ignores or forgets that commitment by reminding him or her of the broken commitment and requesting an apology. – Do all of this with a professional, respectful and responsible tone

Employee Types

Attributes Perfect Employee Good Employee Average Employee Ooops!

Self Motivation Competency 10.00 10.00 7.50 7.50 5.00 5.00 2.50 2.50

Bandwidth Requirement 2.50 5.00 7.50 10.00

Ownershi p 10.00 7.50 5.00 2.50

Good Boss’ are great human beings too. Not many of them are around! Good Subordinates are rarer still, if you find one, keep her!

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