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Highway Drainage

Prepared by : Chirag B.Patel

Drainage of road is the system by which efficient

collection, removal and disposal of surface and sub-surface water can be done such that the stability of road pavement can only be maintained by keeping road surface and its foundation bed in dry condition.

Types of Drainage

Surface Drainage

Sub Surface Drainage

Side Gutter

Catch Water Drains

Longitudinal Drain

Cross Drains

Surface Drainage
To collect the drained off water from the surface of

road. To keep the road surface dry from water. To travel the collected water by gravity into the near by natural nallah or stream or river. To increase the stability of road pavement.

Side Gutter
The drain provided parallel to the road side so as

to collect and dispose the surface water are called as side gutter. Function
Main function is to collect the surface water. These

gutter ultimately join the natural stream i.e. nalla or river. These side gutter can be cheaply and easily constructed and maintained but it provide an unpleasant look due to deep ditch hence undesirable where traffic is heavy.

Catch water drains

An additional gutter or drain provided parallel to

the road at an higher level and slope for collecting and disposing the surface water are known as catch water drains. In which circumstances
If the adjoining ground is steep toward the road

side. If the rain fall is heavy in case of hill roads. The quantity of water flowing down the sloping ground is more.