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Md. Safawat Jamil Md. Ebrahim Hossain Md. Abul Hasnat Jewel Umma Kulsum Md. Showkt Hossain Mukammel Haque Tipu

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Start up a new Business

Business overview
Name: Abacus Flash Drive Product: Multi interface flash drive Product features: Direct data transfer ability from one flash drive to another Partition facility Fully compatible with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Flash drive with integrated digital music player. Special feature as controller . PC-Lock Function: Makes a key to lock your computer.

Feasibility Analysis
Environmental Feasibility Political environment are not any barrier. Government rules and regulation are not barrier Some Economical barriers which will be overcome able

Feasibility Analysis
Technical Feasibility Land is available to make assemble Raw materials will be imported from china Machineries are not available in our country. But there is opportunity to import Machineries from foreign countries like Japan and China. Manpower is available in Bangladesh.

Feasibility Analysis
Marketing Feasibility Unique product Majority respondents are support the idea of ABACUS FLASH flash drive. Retailer wants to sell our product because of more profit Reasonable price

Feasibility Analysis
Financial Feasibility Investment, approximately TK. 30000000. 60% of our capital we will collect from our own, and rest of others we will take loan from the banks and investors The break-even point will come after 360 days and return on investment is 37%

Environmental Forces:
Environmental Factors
Political Condition Economic Condition Socio Cultural Condition Technological Condition Laws and Regulations No Barrier May Create Barrier No Barrier No Barrier No Barrier

Status of Barrier

Industry Analysis
Competitor Transcend, Kingston, PQI, Twinmos, Apecer, Emation, Apacer etc. Target Market College and university students Presenter specially Teachers


Marketing Mix
Flash drive with music player and Bluetooth PC controller for presenter


Marketing Mix
The probable pricing policy for Bangladesh: 8 GB 800 TK 16 GB 1500 TK 32 GB 2800 TK 64 GB 4000 TK


Marketing Mix
Dealer/ Distributor

Assemble point


Consumer 13

Marketing Mix Promotions

Personal Selling Sales Promotion Advertising Online selling Special Discounts Student Discount

Operational plan
Machineries Furniture, fixture & office equipment Safety provisions Location of the plant Utilities


Types and Packaging:

8GB to 64GB

Plastic packet included product feature and other products User guide and Headphone.


Financial Projection
Manufacturing Budget


Pro-forma Income Statement


Pro-forma Cash flow Statement


Balance Sheet of Abacus flash on 31st Dec, 2013


In Bangladesh there are many international and local companies those who are doing business and they are making a huge profit. It is tough for us to enter the market and capturing their customer. But for its different features from other flash drives, it will taken by the consumers.


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