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What is clich? Origin Usage Examples of clichs? How to overcome clich?


clichs are the metaphors and turn of phrases or an expression that have become tired by its overuse that it becomes annoying.

The first time around, they convey a distinct message in a very funny way and that makes them repeatable. After too much use, however, they just become corny. E.g. I knew, to this day ,next thing. These are used without noticing that we are using clichs.

It is used so often that it loses freshness and meaning. But clichs are not always false or inaccurate ; a clich may or may not be true .some are stereotypes, but some are simply facts and truisms .


A clich is not just something that lots of people say; It's something that lots of people say and it conveys some sort of idea or message.

A clich can also refer to an idea that has come to have special meaning ,different from its literal meaning.


Clich is a noun that is also used as

an adjective, although some dictionaries do not recognize the adjective sense.

All dictionaries consulted recognize a derived adjective with the same meaning, clichd or clichd

Examples of CLICH
1. a little of this, a little of that "What did you have for dinner?" "A little of this, a little of that." "In other words, some of everything." "Yeah. ~a mlange of several things 2 .A cat has nine lives: someone might be having problems now, but there are many chances to do well or succeed ~His career reminds that a cat has nine lives

3. I 'm so busy. Sorry! 4. Moment of truth : the moment in which something important will be shown or decide ~It's the moment of truth. Either we'll get the contract or we won't. 5. acid test.

6. Better late than never.

~It is better to conclude something late than never to conclude it.

7. cold feet

~afraid; anxious; wanting to quit; especially used in describing a man or woman shortly be marriage.
8. (Doing something) to beat the band ~Impressive. Better than everything else.

Why we should eliminate clich's

Clich's are something a symptom of lazy communication . the person using the clichs hasnt bothered to search for original words to convey the intended meaning . Assuming their common meaning while ignoring your specific use of them, as a result ,they can be obstacles to successful communication. so it act as a barrier to communication.

How to overcome clich's

1.make sentences clear instead of making it concise.

2.check your words twice before we hit the send button.

3.try to find out weather you have heard or seen the following.

4.Give the reader fresh and new thing .so that they feel interesting to through it.

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