McVeggie Burger

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McDonalds in India(Mac-D)  McDonald’s spent more than 5 years (from 1990 onwards) on developing the first beef-less and porkless menu in McDonald’s history. 1996 at Basant Lok. which are sourced.  McDonald’s pioneered the establishment of Cold Chain across India which helps maintain freshness and nutrition in every product  The first McDonald's restaurant in India opened on October 13. New Delhi  Every McDonald’s burger has nine different ingredients. from 35 suppliers across the country before it reaches the consumer .

Interestingly.20 was unveiled in April 2004 McVeggie is one of the favourite veg burger at McDonalds costing Rs. 85 with French Fries and Coke Similarly for Happy Meal. 56.Costs just Rs. the same McVeggie when sold under various offers costs different : Value Lunch meal.Costing has always been innovative at McDonalds Especially when The Happy Price Menu competitively priced at just Rs. Though it is a CRM promotional activity but it does impact costing of the product to lot of extent as Company plays on volumes and reduces its margins . Extra Value meal and other Combo offers the price changes.

Trikaya Agriculture (Supplier of Iceberg Lettuce):  Implementation of advanced agricultural practices has enabled Trikaya to successfully grow specialty crops like iceberg lettuce. special herbs and many oriental vegetables.  McDonald's has:  provided assistance in the selection of high quality seeds  exposed the farms to advanced drip – irrigation technology  helped develop a refrigerated transportation system  helped in developing the ability to grow lettuce all the year round .

Ltd Supplier of Chicken and Vegetable range of products including Fruit Pies .Vista Processed Foods Pvt.

 This infrastructure includes hi-tech refrigeration plants for manufacture of frozen food at temperatures as low as 35° C  Vista has installed hi-tech equipment for both the chicken and vegetable processing lines. which reflect the latest food processing technology. . Technical and financial support extended by OSI Industries Inc. USA and McDonald's India Private Limited have enabled Vista to set up world-class infrastructure and support services.  Utmost care is taken to ensure that the vegetable products do not mix with the non-vegetarian products..  Productions of high quality frozen foods have made Vista a name to reckon within the industry.

 On receipt milk is immediately stored in the bulk coolers installes in Dynamix’s 45 collection centres .Maharashtra.Dynamix Dairy Industries  Supplier of Cheese  Located in Baramati. Dynamix set up a dedicated quality program for milk procurement and invested significantly.  Recognising the need for quality milk to make quality cheese.  Initially there was a large wastage due to lack of infrastructure.  Time from milking to refrigeration was reduced.

 Strict quality control. .  The factory has:  State-of-the-art fully automatic machinery  Installed capacity of 6000 ltrs/hr for producing homogenized UHT (Ultra High Temperature) processed milk and milk products. health and hygiene while continuously maintaining McDonald's recognized standards. All suppliers adhere to Indian government regulations on food.Amrit Food  Supplier of long life UHT Milk and Milk Products for Frozen Desserts.

recording and reporting.  Responsible for procurement. . inventory management. data collection.  McDonald's Distribution Partner  The division has focused all its resources to meet McDonald's expectation of 'Cold. Clean and On-time Delivery'. storage. quality inspection programme.Radhakrishna Foodland (P) Ltd. deliveries to the restaurants.

Financial accounting vs Managerial accounting Aggregation Efficiency Proven information Reporting focus Standards Systems Time period Timing Valuation .

Users of Accounting Information Internal Users External Users •Lenders •Consumer Groups •Managers •Officers •Sales Staff •Budget Officers •Shareholders •External Auditors •Governments •Customers •Internal Auditors •Controllers 1-11 .

1-12 . lenders.).Users of Accounting Information External Users Internal Users Financial accounting provides external users with financial statements (shareholders. managers.). etc. etc. Managerial accounting provides information needs for internal decision makers (officers.

Lower level employees use nonfinancial information such as work schedules. financial Middle managers use a blend of financial information and nonfinancial information. increasingly important. store hours.Users of Accounting Information Moving up the organizational ladder. To a lesser degree. and customer service policies. senior executives also use general economic data and nonfinancial operating information. while senior becomes executives concentrate on financial data. .


Profit related pay ii. Shares and share options .Managerial Motivation Which company would you invest in: A or B? Company Year 1 A £1m B £4m Year 2 £2m £(1)m Year 3 £4m £15m Year 4 £8m £(3)m 15 Managers may wish to boost profits to benefit from i.


ASSUMPTIONS Cost of 1 McVeggie Burger Raw Materials Required o Buns o Mayonnaise o Onion o Lettuce o Cheese o Tikki   No opening and closing stock of raw material .

804 2.4 8 7.2 0.2 19 19 37 56 Quantity Amount (Per Unit) Total .2gm 1 slice 112 gm 1 4 0.18 0.86 5 16.564 0.6 0.86 22.18 0.47 0.SPECIMEN COST -SHEET Particulars Opening Stock of Raw Material Add: Purchase of Raw materials Buns Mayonnaise Onion Lettuce Cheese Tikki Less: Closing stock of Raw Materials Prime cost (1) Miscellaneous Expenses Cost of Goods Sold Cost of Sales Profit (balancing figure) Sales 2 12gm 1 slice 1.