Saint Patrick’s Day

17th of March, Ireland’s National Day. When everybody is Irish!

La Fheile Padraig
This means Saint Patrick's day in Irish. Irish is the traditional language of Ireland. A saint it an important person in the Christian religion. Patrick is Ireland's saint. In Ireland we often call it Paddy’s Day because Paddy is a nickname for Patrick. Many people in Ireland are called Patrick or Paddy now.

politics. . especially in the police. Many Irish people have moved to new countries and today over 35 million people around the world call themselves Irish. Boston and San Francisco had many Irish emigrants.What is Saint Patrick’s Day? Saint Patrick's Day is an Irish festival celebrated all over the world. Cities like London. and invite everybody else to be Irish for the day too with parades. These people celebrate being Irish on the 17th of March. York. Chicago. music and parties. construction and the fire departments. especially in America. Sydney. where the Irish were one of the largest immigrant groups.

Who was Saint Patrick?  Saint Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland. almost everybody in Ireland is from a Christian tradition.   Saint Patrick used a three leafed plant called shamrock to explain about the Christian god. he returned to Ireland to tell them about the Christian religion. There are many magical myths and stories about his time in Ireland. He was the Bishop who converted the Irish from their old religions to the Christian religion in the 5 th century AD. For many years he worked as a Shepard but then he escaped. . He was a British boy who was captured as a slave by Irish pirates. when he became a bishop. Today. After many years. now that plant is a famous symbol of Ireland.

Where is Ireland  Ireland is a small island on the western edge of Europe. It is in the Atlantic Ocean separated by the Irish sea from Britain. . many have emigrated to live in other countries.  There are only 5 million people now but in the past there were over 10 million.

Do you know anybody famous from Ireland or anything about Ireland? .I’m Irish.

26 counties are part of an independent ‘Republic of Ireland’. are two different countries. The independent republic of Ireland speaks English but has it’s own government.Today Ireland and the U. .K. Instead of the Queen it has a president and instead of the pound it uses the euro. There are 32 counties in Ireland. but 6 counties in the north are still part of the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. army and laws.

The Leprechaun is a famous symbol of Ireland. but if you caught one. usually found under a rainbow. he had to give you a pot of gold. Irish mythology is full of many funny and scary creatures and legends. The liked trouble. But be careful. if you didn’t look at him. . he could disappear.  These little magical men were cheeky and mischievous.

Conas ata tu? This means how are you in irish. You can say ‘Ta me go maith’ (I’m good) .

. Celts from Europe. famine and emigration. However the north of Ireland wanted to remain part of the the UK and there still are problems there. Normans from France. but after many years of war and unhappiness most of Ireland became an independent country in 1922.Irish History  Ireland has a long history full of war. Scots from Scotland and English from England.  In the past Ireland was part of the UK and a colony of the British Empire.  In the past Ireland has been shaped by many people. Vikings from Scandinavia.

.The national colour of Ireland is green. Can you guess why? ‘Glas’ is green in Irish.

In some parts of Ireland.   Ireland has two languages. ‘Dia dhuit’ means hello. funny. musical and good at telling stories. bays and lovely towns and cities. hills. Some of the best writers in English were from Ireland. . valleys castles.What is Ireland like?  Ireland is a beautiful and green land with lots of small villages. Everybody must learn both in School. beaches. mountains. Most Irish people can speak both. The land is described as the ‘Emerald Isle’ and having ‘forty shades of green. In Ireland ‘the gift of the gab’ means that you can talk a lot. The people are famous for being friendly. English and Irish (Gaelic). but usually speak English. they only try and speak Irish.

My Country .

.Ireland’s name in the Irish language is Eire.

Brown Soda Bread. Butter. Cream. Beef. Irish Stew. and drinks like Tea. Irish Coffee.Food and drinks  Traditional Irish food includes a Big Irish breakfast. Milk. Baileys and Guinness Stout (Black Beer)  Whiskey was invented in Ireland and the word whiskey comes from ‘Uisce beatha’ (which means ‘water of life’ in the Irish language) . Bacon & Cabbage. Whiskey. Seafood and Potatoes. Cheese.

as well as many Olympic athletes especially boxers.  Ireland also produces some of the world’s best race horses  Many top soccer players playing in Britain come form Ireland.  Some of the biggest surfing in the world is in Ireland .Irish Sports  Irish people play many sports like soccer and rugby and but they also have some sports only played in Ireland. like Gaelic Football and Hurling.


hares and other small animals. In the wild there are deer. . sheep and pigs. The typical farm animals are cows. foxes.Irish Animals  The Irish countryside is full of farms and animals. badgers.

Bo in Irish means cow .

 But it’s never very hot or very cold and there isn’t much snow. and in some parts there might be over 260 rainy days every year  ‘Ta se ag cur baiste’ means ‘It’s raining’ in Irish.Irish Weather  Ireland is famous for it’s rainy weather. .

Is maith liom Vietnam.‘Is maith liom ________’ This means ‘like _________’ in Irish. .

actors.Famous Irish People  There have been many famous Irish people especially in Britain and America. New Zealand. South America. musicians. But also in Australia.  Today there are many Irish actors and musicians and even a famous President with Irish ancestors. . writers and leaders have been Irish. Spain and France. where many soldiers. or Mc or O’ in it you know they could have had Irish ancestors.  Every time you see a name with Mac. Canada. politicians.

Do you recognize any of these Irish People? .

and Reagan . Others include Clinton. Nixon.What about this one? Barack Obama is one of the latest American President’s who can trace his ancestors to Ireland. Kennedy.

Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat Which means ‘A Thousand Thank Yous’ in Irish. . Thank you.

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