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Software & Consulting

KDS Software & Consulting, LLC
3715 Jefferson Court
Redwood City, CA 94062
+1 (650) 576-2602

KDSSC, LLC, reserves the right to claim the following document as intellectual property. No part of this
document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express
permission of KDSSC, LLC. The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice.
Our Company

• Consulting Experts and Software Development

• All aspects of Human Resources including US Payroll
and Tax, Time, Benefits, Master Data, Recruiting …
• IT Systems Integration and Strategic Consulting
• SAP, Change Management, Documentation, Training
• Corporate Clients (world-wide)
Our Leading Experts
Klaus Dieter Spatz, President
Former HR Development Manager at SAP with over 20 years of experience with SAP
HCM. Implemented SAP Payroll in five different country versions and specializes in
US Payroll.

Andreas Mau, Consultant

Former HR US payroll lead developer at SAP for over 10 years, developed US and
Canadian payroll functionality including Concurrent Employment. Experienced
with multiple implementation projects involving functionality ranging from Time
Management & Payroll to Talent Management.

Megan Collopy, Consultant

Former HR systems specialist at SAP with over 10 years experience. Implementation
projects involving Payroll, Benefits and Garnishments.
Expertise for Your Business

KDSSC provides specialist consulting and software

development expertise to organizations wishing to
gain maximum return from their investment in

We offer a total business solution based on an in-depth

understanding of business processes, IT systems,
software applications and integration complexities.
Expertise for Your Business

KDSSC has extensive experience and expertise in:

• HR/Payroll and Time implementations, PA, PD, OM,
upgrades and support
• US Payroll and Tax support and custom solutions
• Concurrent Employment, Common Paymaster support
• Personnel Cost Planning (PCP) and Personnel Budget
Control (PBC)
• Off-Cycle and Payroll Adjustments solutions
• ADP Payroll Posting
• Project and risk management
• IT systems integration and strategic consulting
• Internet/Web-enabled solutions
• Training and Documentation and Change Management
• Workflow and Business Process Management
Services/Products for Your Business

• US Year-End support
• Global Master Data support
• Concurrent Employment, Common Paymaster
• US Tax Reporting support
• US Tax Remittance support
• Custom Leave of Absence solutions
• Custom Payroll Process solutions
• Custom PDF Employment Event solutions
• Custom Talent Management solutions
• Payroll Reconciliation support
Services/Products for Your Business

• SAP Implementation Assessment

• Analyze the most important business processes
• Verify data integration and consistency
• Combine functional and technical implementation
• Reduce total cost of ownership
• Optimize your SAP solution
• Final Service Report
• Detailed analysis of core business processes and
validation of their implementation
• Recommendations to optimize core business processes
• Detailed project plan to solve solution incompatibilities
KDSSC Talent Management Solution
Key Benefits

• SAP standard qualifications

• Seamless integration SAP Talent Training
Notifications Supervisor A
• Employee Training Notification Qualification
needs for EE
application xxx1

• Qualifications and Custom Supervisor B
requirements analysis report Development Configuration, Talent Qualification
PD Infotypes Management needs for EE
• Online Qualifications and Solution

Requirements analysis Add-On PD
• Qualifications and re-ments Reporting
Requirements document Notifications

administration with templates

Supervisor Z
• Configuration of new Qualification
needs for EE
qualifications/requirements, xxxn
additional personnel …
development infotypes
KDSSC PDF Solutions
Key Benefits

• Custom PDF Form Design

• Seamless integration
• SAP Data Extraction
Our Clients

Please contact us for references. Thank you.