Alexander Trofimov, Taisia Kuznetsova

Novosibirsk International Research Institute of the Space Anthropoecology

Novosibirsk, Russia

The object of this study is the author’s individual consciousness as an element of Human Space Consciousness. The personal organism is “instrument” created by God. The main operator’s tasks are: - To learn actively the picking up of the information flows from outer space during your own perception changing in the period of the experiment with use of induced space. - To reveal the possible ways of received information transmission and its storage - To use this information for harmonization of the information objects used as an

Methods of forming in a new construction of perception

- Meditation - Trainings - Regular work with informations - Research experimental activity

Information module – is a resonance structure through which perceptible information object is visualized (shows itself) by Human Consciousness. Creation of the information module is connected with correct intellectual psychological methodology, based on knowing the resonance interactions of the geometric forms, symbols, numerical rows and color spectrum in the mental force field.

“Pakal Votan” Project is devoted to Maya Factor’ and has been studied by the director of NRISA (Russia) Dr. A. Trofimov and the President of “Law of Time” Foundation Jose Arguelles (USA) in May-June of 2005. This project specified set of 10 studies in the distance-descriptive translation of the information. Data call in the form of descriptive symbolic or landscapearchitectural information was performed from May 29 to June 04 of 2005 in the different points of our planet: in Novosibirsk from Kozyrev’s mirrors and geomagnetic installation, that remised electromagnetic field of the earth.

Sign Structures

Sign Structures

Sign Structures

Streaming Protocol of picturesque information. Observation 3 (May of 30, 2005) Puebla. Chapel San-Rosario

Picture, accepted the operator
May of 5, 2005

Streaming Protocol of picturesque information. Observation 1 (May of 29, 2005)
Mexico-city. Museum of anthropology. Aztec Calendar

Picture, accepted the operator
April of 29, 2005

Streaming Protocol of picturesque information Observation 1 (June of 1, 2005) Palengue. The Tomb of Pakal Votan

Picture, accepted the operator
May of 23, 2005

Streaming Protocol of picturesque information Observation 1 (June of 1, 2005) Palengue. The Tomb of Pakal Votan

Picture, accepted the operator May of 29, 2005 Holographic flow fragment of Maya information

Information Structures

“Crystal eternity”

In the period of the information data call was received a lot of different information in the form of creative pictures, matrix forms and channeling. Work in the information field changed in 3 months after performing of the experiment. Soon after that the information modules appeared. Structures that showed up on the operator’s internal screen demanded somebody’s attention and a way to be expressed. It was intuitively clear that module construction in the form of a geometrical object should be placed into coordinate system and it should also have a specific color pattern. The appearance of a module’s name on the lucidity of mind channel was as well connected with intuition.

“The Fifth Dimension”

“Seventh Dimension”

In the course of next few months

new modules were received during meditation, training and distance healing. It was important to notice that birth of modules was accompanied by impulses directed on harmonic development of the information structures, itself, human and collective.


“The new agreement”

These modules accompanied operator’s participation in the work-shop dedicated to respiration training. The participants of the training were introduced to the general principals of the brain function. Every participant had a module for harmonization of his or her organism. The information map consisted of 8 modules appeared. All participants of the seminar stated that they perceived a positive modules’ influence. After that participants used the information map during their own future practice.

Next data were received by the Director of ISRICA A. Trofimov during the solar eclipse in March, 2006. There was made an attempt to get in touch with “alive space” and the information modules were received. As a result of resonance interactions with space physical environment in the Kozyrev’s module space in the end of a photographing by the Kirlian method (second finger of the operator’s right hand) was fixed the energy object in the form of the “Cone”. Later the multidimensional structure of this system was exposed during further computer scanning of the “Cone”.

“Portal connections”. 28-march-2006, 21:35, hour before the solar eclipse

“Cardiac torus”. 29-march-2006, Period of solar eclipse

Kirlian method photography second finger of the right hand operator. At the time of completion of the module was recorded energy facility in the form of a cone.

Computer scanning "Cone"

“Sub-hierarchical channel connections”

“ According to resonance harmony, the Information is a carrier of the energy properties through passing from one object to other. According to another point of view - resonance, as a sounding, is an information too.” (Jose Arguelles, 1998)

“Transformation modulation”

“ The Man isn’t a passive observer, but a great architect who constructed Universe building in depending on his perception experience in interaction with outer world and overworked by filters of his Consciousness. ” (V. Nalimov, 1995)


“ Is the depth of our Unconsciousness some kind of receiver, that opens the possibility of the direct interaction with another reality, that closed for physical devices, isn’t it?” (V. Nalimov, 1995)

“Body structure”

According to Nalimov: Consciousness filters are: - Space of the different geometries - Time as a measure of variability - Number and Word (Ancient Greek language –“logos” – means word and number) - Possibility as a measure of smearing in our suggestions and insights.

“New set of Cross Broadcasting”

“Optical soul luminescence”

The last experiment that was conducted during the period was a scientific project “Eclipse – 2008”. The author along with Italian colleagues worked inside the “Kozyrev’s Mirrors” in Novosibirsk. Right before the eclipse (26.07.08) the operator received and sketched the complex matrix form, which filled symbolic signs in the period of 3 stages of eclipse. On the night before the eclipse the information was transmitted three times in Novosibirsk to Kozyrev’s Mirrors in the form of a complex numerical matrix.

RESUME: Information modules – is a resonance structure through which perceptible object is visualized (show itself) by Human Consciousness. Module, which was obtained through communication channel and was received by the operator intuitively allows to perceive the resonance of incoming information and to create resonance field between the operator and physical space environment. Depending on the frequency responses and spatial location of the information source the interaction code appears between information structures in the human consciousness. So, module program is an attempt to create an integral system of the code signals for human consciousness interaction with space intelligence. Intuitively accepted and rightly organized by the operator module determinates the possibility to go out on the different space physical information levels, approaching to Space Consciousness.

RESUME: All module components are equivalent links of the uniform system. Remote control of the system is possible only through entering harmonic formations into it. Under direction with use of module structures are occurred the harmonization so as incomplete components of the information objects, as a personal operator’s processes. “Information Modules” program can be used for adjustment and harmonization of the energy informative human fields as a system of “bio-social-mental triunuque correspondence for Human entry in the Space Civilization Family. The experiment is being continued. The modules are still being received.

In conclusion - short plot: a module birth in the
operator’s consciousness.

«Tunisian Rhapsody or revival of women's start»

Channeling: Taisia Kuznetsova

Animation: Timur Vdovin

© 2008 Novosibirsk

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