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Abaad Contracting Company is an engineering investment company specializing in real estate development and contracting, with various other investments in commercial and services sectors. The company is a limited liability, with a paid up capital of JD 450,000 (US$ 640,000). With head offices in Ramallah- West Bank, the Company was established in 1998, by: Mr. Osama Mohammad Saleem Amro, a certified civil engineer since 1984, and; Ms. Reem Abdel Wahab Ibrahim Amro, a certified architectural engineer since 1984.

Registered at the Palestinian Ministry of Trade and Industry, with license number 562442962. A member of the Palestinian Contractors Association, with Class (1-A) classification in Buildings and construction, and classified in water, sanitation, and roads.

Abaad Contracting Company is committed to surpassing the expectations of our clients, subcontractors, and suppliers by developing relationships through integrity, professionalism, and service which yields the highest quality construction projects.

The Abaad Contracting Company team is made up of over-achievers who see to it that our customers receive the very best

Abad Contracting Company is quality individuals producing quality projects.

From pre-construction services through project completion, Abaad Contracting Company is committed to exceeding our clients' expectations. Through each process of the complete services provided by our organization, we maintain and set the industry standards for professionalism and integrity. Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve their goals

The procedures begin during the preconstruction phase with in-house plan reviews, budgeting and value engineering services, and subcontractor selection
A series of pre-construction conferences for coordinating the various phases of work, monitoring shop drawings and submittals for adherence to plans and specifications, maintaining a clean and safe project site, and employing qualified and competent field supervision

safety is a primary concern. Our full-time Safety Director visits each individual project site, performs regular staff training and networks with others to insure safe working conditions are being maintained. Weekly safety meetings are held on each project site between the Abaad Contracting site staff and subcontractors to stress the importance of jobsite safety and to keep safety in the minds of each individual working on the site.

Provide an insurance policy of all the dangers of contractors Provide an insurance of work-related injuries Providing all safety equipment to be used in the construction. Using insured Vehicles Doing safety fence around the construction site Keeping the first-aid closet full of required materials for first aiding

NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




Scaffolding system Concrete Mixers No. 4 Different elect. Hand equipment Form wood Steal Jacks Air- Conditioned Container Containers (total no. 5) Small elec. Cranes (total no. 2) Electrical generator

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Car type Audi Q7 Pick up car type Mitsubishi L 200 Car type Ford Transit Truck car type V.W Crafter Tractor and trolley JCB digger roll Compacter Wacker plate Concrete vibrate

Abaad Contracting has over 10 years of experience in engineering and construction work. Its founders (Mr. and Mrs. Amro), in addition to its employees, have tens of years of accumulated experience in all areas related to construction (from the concept and design phase, till the finishing phase). In addition, the company has extensive experience in on going maintenance works for buildings and complexes.


PROJECT NAME Al-shahid Yaser Arafat academy Al-bardonee commercial centerRamallah United trading company for automobiles building Akademyat Al-Fonon Waleed Al-Najeeb Residence

CLIENT'S NAME Jerusalem university Mr. and Mrs.Rifka Bulos Mr.Sameh Jamal Al Masri Palestinian Association for modern arts Waleed Najeeb

Ministry of Public work and housing Amara-First Option Arabesc

DATE OF IMPL. Under construction 2009 2008

BLDGs. US $ 1,850,000.0 2,000,000.0 2,935,000.0

1 2 3

Al-Taif Al Handasi Amarah Engineering Office Al-Taif AlHandasi





Al-Naser Building

Al-Naser Building



Amr Hous.buil2

Eng. Osama Amr Al-Taif Al-Handasi



Finishing works

Al-Watanieh Inv.

Eng. Azzam Daqaq

2006 Till Now/Per year 2006 2005 Feb. 2005 Feb. 2005 2005 2004 2002 2001-2003 2003


Maintinance works based on yearly contract

Numerous private households Musical Hall PIF offices PCSC Amr Hous.buil. (housi Abraj Watanieh Com. Pub.Heal BZU Housing C3-Managment PBC Ein Al-Sultan S.




10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Var. Mahad AlMusiga Pal. Invest. Fund PCSC

Al-Taif Al-Handasi Al-Taif Al-Handasi Pal. PCSC

47,000.00 37,000.00 28,000.00 24,000.00 1,000,000.00 43,000.00 287,000.00 1,031,000.00 42,000.00 252,600.00 234,000.00

Eng. Osama Amr Al-Taif Al-Handasi Al-Watanieh Ins. BZ Un. Diffrent Al-Watanieh Inv. Al-Watanieh Ins. UNRWA Eng Azzam Daqaq BZ Un. Al-Taif Al-Handasi Eng. Azzam Daqaq

Al-Sakakini Consul. 2003 UNRWA 2002

22 23 24 25 26 27

Water Reser. Laundry Bl. Fin. Civ. works Fin. Civ. works Fin. Civ. works Fin. Civ. works Wasef Mute Bl. Al-Sunobar Housing Association

CAP CAP Oasis Cas. Hot. R Oasis Cas. Hot. R Oasis Cas. Res. Oasis Cas. Res. Wasef Mutee Al-Sunobar Housing Association

CAP CAP CAP CAP Domes Cons. Domes Cons. Al-Taif AlHandasi Al-Taif AlHandasi

2001 2001 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

270,000.00 450,000.00 285,000.00 395,000.00 430,000.00 180,000.00 500,000.00





Al-Bardoni Commercial Center

Location : Ramallah center
Contract Amount: $2,000,000.00

Area : 9000 MS year : 2009 Owners: Mr. Adel and Ms. Rifka Bulos. Contact phone: 0599 604605

United Company for Automobiles

Location : Ramallahindustrial zone
Contract Amount: $2,935,000.00

Area : 6000 MS year : 2008 Owner: Mr. Sameh Jamal AlMasri. Contact phone: 0599 787105.

Al- Yasmeen Housing Project (1)

Location : Ramallah- Al Teera
Contract Amount: $1,000,000.00

Area : 2,500 MS year : 2005

Owner: Mr. Osama Amr

Al- Yasmeen Housing Project (2)

Location : Ramallah- Al Teera
Contract Amount: $1,600,000.00

Area : 3,500 MS year : 2007

Owner: Mr. Osama Amr

Wasef Mutees Commercial Building

Location : RamallahIndustrial zone
Contract Amount: $500,000.00

Area : 1,200 MS year : 2000

Owner: Mr. Wasef Mutee

Walid Najjabs Villa

Location : Ramallah-AlTeera
Contract Amount: $600,000.00

Area : 1,100 MS year : 2009

Owner: Mr. Waleed Al Najjab

Nabil Al-Khatibs Villa

Location : Ramallah-AlTeera
Contract Amount: $300,000.00

Area : 650 MS year : 2006

Owner: Mr. Nabil Al Khatib

Snober Housing Project

Location : Ramallah-AlTeera
Contract Amount: $500,000.00

Area : 1,600 MS year : 1998

Owner: Snober association

Academy students
Location : Abu DiesJerusalem
Contract Amount: $1,850,000

Area : 3,300 MS year : 2009

Owner: Jerusalem Unversity