The Teaching Profession

A worthy calling

Role of the Teacher
• Many roles are associated with the job of the teacher • The primary role is that of a facilitator of learning. • Other roles include:

– Values Educator – Researcher – Lifelong Learner – Counsellor

– Arbitrator – Disciplinarian – Nurse/Doctor – Role Model

Delivering the Curriculum • Teachers are expected to be
Familiar with the curriculum to be delivered Acquainted with • Lesson planning • Record and forecasting Teaching and learning strategies Assessment and Evaluation strategies Classroom management

• Teachers are expected to conduct research to access a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies. • This assists in keeping learning and teaching current and interesting for the students in the classroom. • Searching websites for new innovations or best practices of master teachers or others is a good way to keep the interest of the students. • There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

Lifelong Learners
• Teachers who progress with the changing times always seek to gain information. • A continuous thirst for knowledge is important as this same mindset is what we need to communicate to the students.

Values Educator
• Children are very impressionable and oftentimes hold their teachers in higher regard than their parents and family member. • Children learn by modelling the actions of those who they believe are important • Teachers are the role models for children especially in the primary school. • It is important to demonstrate sound morals and values to the students for many of them are not exposed to such values

• Students tend to place a great deal of trust in their teachers. • Students tend to be more open to hearing from and talking about their problems and successes to their teachers. • Be aware that students become attached to teachers and seek out their counsel.

• Young children often find themselves in conflict situations. • Teachers are expected to be arbiters in many of the conflicts that arise on and off of the school’s compound not only among students but between parents and students.

• When students misbehave teachers must administer discipline. • Kindly note that corporal punishment is not accepted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) • Effective disciplinary measures should be put in place that are agreed upon and administered by all teachers as a unit. • More often than not a culture of good morals and values is better to be developed (or the area of focus) than focusing on rules and punishment.

• Training in simple first aid is important because of the various accidents and incidents that occur on (and off) the school’s compound • Familiarity with students’ medical history is VITAL and should be shared by all teachers. • Confidentiality should be maintained when necessary.

Role Model

A teacher is at all times a role model to the students on and off the school’s compound.

Teaching is indeed the Noble Profession.

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