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Guessing the meaning from context

By Porntip Bodeepongse

Read and guess the meaning.

The people in the neighbourhood called Tom a loafer because he always wasted his time by not working when he should. a loafer = a lazy person

Unfamiliar word +signal word + meaning

Meaning+ signal word + unfamiliar word

How to guess:
Read the sentence carefully. Try using the context to help you guess. Look for a signal word and guess the meaning. Make sure that the meaning is the same part of speech as the word.

1. Definition
Inflation is a rise in the general level of prices you pay for things you buy. Someone who explores and studies caves is known as a spelunker.

Scoring rubrics are descriptive scoring schemes that are developed by teachers or other evaluators to guide the analysis of the products or processes of students' efforts (Brookhart, 1999).

2. Restatement
Spontaneously, that is, without planning, the students lifted the teacher onto their shoulders.

Mrs Miller loved the tranquillity the peace and quietness after everybody had gone to work.

Naturalist intelligence involves the human ability to discriminate among living things (plants, animals) as well as sensitivity to, or understanding, other features of the natural world (clouds, rock formation)

A thinking curriculum does not strive to produce "walking-encyclopedias," or learners who are stuffed with facts, figures, definitions, and formulas.

3. Example
Some people in the North of Thailand do wickerwork, for example, they make elephants, turtles, plates, beds and chairs from teak trees for earning money. That trainee is very touchy. For example, she usually gets angry when the trainer makes comments on her work

4. Comparison and contrast

Although Dara and Wipa are very close friends,they are very different. Dara spends a lot of money to buy things while Wipa loves to economize. The moans of the winds on a winter evening seem like the sounds of a sad girl crying.

Educational researchers and practitioners hold different views regarding ways that school principals improve educational outcomes. Whereas some researchers found that school principals matter to student achievement, others found no effects of leadership on student outcomes. Which factors cause such contradictory results?

5. Cause and effect

Suda got drenched during the rainstorm because she left her umbrella at her office. The little boy had wanted a bicycle very much. Therefore, he was ecstatic when he got it on his birthday.

Some questionnaires give the impression that their authors tried to think of every conceivable question that might be asked with respect to the general topic of concern. The result is a very long questionnaire causing annoyance and frustration on the part of the respondents resulting in nonreturn of mailed questionnaires and incomplete or inaccurate responses.

6. Modifier
Individual learning is an instruction method in which students work individually at their own level and rate toward an academic goal.

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